'Mad Men' Season 6 Photo: Don and Megan in Hawaii
'Mad Men' Season 6 Photo: Don and Megan in Hawaii
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Mad Men is taking a little vacation for season 6. In the first official photo from AMC, we get a glimpse of Don Draper and wife Megan vacationing in Hawaii.

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Season 6 still doesn't have a premiere date yet, but this photo certainly bodes well for it returning this spring. It also helps to clear up some of the confusion about how season 5 ended.

The Mad Men season 5 finale featured Megan landing an acting gig while Don walked away. Some viewers thought the shot was a symbolic representation of Don letting go of Megan and moving on without her. Clearly that's not the case if Jon Hamm and Jessica Pare are donning bathing suits in Hawaii.

And since nothing on Mad Men is an accident, what is the symbolism of Don Draper reading The Inferno? Is he about to descend into the ninth circle of Hell?

Whatever the case, Mad Men fans will look forward to seeing Don and Megan's Hawaiian vacation, if only to see Jon Hamm in a bathing suit.

Mad Men season 6 will premiere sometime in 2013.

(Image courtesy of AMC)

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