'Mad Men' Recap: Pete and Pryce Punch It Out!
'Mad Men' Recap: Pete and Pryce Punch It Out!
It's About Time Someone Socked Pete in the Face

It was nice to see Pete get taken down a few notches this episode, even if it had to get physical. Sure, Pete's always been a sort of obnoxious character, but since he made junior partner, he's been acting like he's the only one who does anything good for the ad firm. It was nice to see the focus on Pete's character tonight in terms of both his home and work life and how the two are beginning to merge.

House Party

Pete and Trudy invite Don, Ken and their wives over to their suburban home for dinner. Don doesn't really want to go out to the sticks, although both he and Megan agree that they like Trudy. Yes, I do too and she deserves a medal for putting up with Pete. Pete isn't happy with Trudy because she wears her robe a lot more. Well, she just had your baby recently, Pete.

Can I just say that it's time to bring back those dangling ball earrings that Cynthia and Megan are wearing? Anyway, the dinner goes well, except Pete didn't fix the kitchen sink properly and water shoots up, so Don has to repair it.

I, Robot Writer

Peggy is at the diner and spots Ken there. But Ken snubs her to sit with someone else. Later, back in the office he apologizes, saying that it was an editor and he is using his pen name, Ben Hargrove. From Ken Cosgrove to Ben Hargrove -- no one would ever guess, Ken! I love Peggy's goofy grin when she hears the pen name and finds out the work is Sci-Fi stuff about robots.

The Pryce in the Hat

Lane Pryce and his wife go out to the pub to watch football which, of course, to Americans is soccer. There is much bravado with the team colors of red and white worn by the room full of yelling Brits. In a tall hat and long, striped scarf, Pryce looks a lot like the Cat in the Hat. Later, back at the office, Lane wows everyone except conceited Pete that his friend from the pub, Edwin, is a top dog at Jaguar and wants a new ad agency. Pete whines that it will take too many people on the payroll.

Wining, Dining and Dames

The new Jaguar client is a big deal even if Pete tries to pretend otherwise. Roger gives Lane tips on how to have a working dinner with a client. Lane does this, but Edwin wants more, so the other three partners, Roger, Don and Pete, take him out too. You know, the sight of them all wearing lobster bibs is quite comical. Yes, I do need to get out more, thanks.

It soon gets to be clear that the guy expects some, er, female company, and of course, that's Roger's specialty. While the other men go off into rooms with girls, Don stays out in the main area waiting and smoking cigarettes. Awww ... Don isn't cheating on Megan!

Pete and the Nun

On the way home together in the back seat, Pete and Don are at odds. Don is quiet about it, but Pete can tell that Don doesn't think it's great that Pete is cheating on Trudy. Yes, Don's certainly not one to talk, but his reasoning is that he's learned you shouldn't literally screw up a good thing. I wonder how long this non-cheating Don will last!

Good Writers Never Die

After Roger calls Ken into his office to tell him to stop moonlighting as a writer on the side, Cosgrove has to make a decision. Later in the break room, he tells Peggy that Ben Hargrove is dead. At home that night, though, Ken Cosgrove continues his writing but under a different pen name -- Len Walgrove. Okay, just kidding about that pen name -- it's actually David something without a "grove!"

A Fist Fight in Suits!

Pryce storms into the office in a rage. Apparently, Edwin the Jaguar client's wife found out about the night at the brothel and told Pryce's wife. The account is now lost and Lane Pryce can't believe the others did this. Pete spouts off that Edwin didn't want Lane to go with them since Lane is a "homosexual." Them's fightin' words and Lane and Pete punch each other silly and bloody!

All in a Day's Work

But Pryce wins and beats the stuffing out of Pete. Joan and Peggy eavesdrop and can't believe what happened. Later, Joan comforts Pryce and he kisses her on the lips. What?!!! It's my turn not to believe something. Joan stops the kiss but plays it cool, saying he's not the only one here who's tried it. Ha! On a side note, I want everyone to know that Kevin is Roger's baby.

Don holds the elevator for Pete but still doesn't say much to him.

It was another awesome episode of Mad Men! Do you agree?

Sheri Stirrs
Contributing Writer

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