'Mad Men' Recap: Does Megan Hate Advertising?
'Mad Men' Recap: Does Megan Hate Advertising?
I liked the growth in Megan's character tonight as she finally takes the plunge to follow her Broadway acting dreams. Of course, half the fun was Megan at first trying to hide her acting ambitions and advertising hate from Don and having Peggy add her two cents worth! In other happenings, Pete has a one night fling with his train commuting buddy's wife, Beth, but he wants a longer affair.

Weren't You Done With Her?

Pete is on the train with Howard and the two men talk about their usual subjects: work and women. Howard tells Pete he now has an apartment in the city, so he doesn't even have to come home after work if he doesn't feel like it. With his new, 24-year-old, strawberry blonde girlfriend, Howard often doesn't want to go home to his wife, he says to Pete.

At night after work, Pete is in the parking lot trying to fit some skis into his car that Roger gave him from a ski company client who wants Pete on his account. Pete meets a woman there who locked her keys in her car. Her name is Beth and she turns out to be Howard's wife. Pete drives Beth home and walks inside her home with her. One step inside and they are all over each other, kissing like crazy. They have sex in the living room and Pete doesn't want to leave, but Beth tells him to, so he does.

Megan's Secret

Megan tells Don that she has to work late with Peggy. Megan looks nice and business-like in her black and white houndstooth dress, but after the work day ends, she changes into a more casual dress. Then Megan tells Peggy that she's sorry, but she can't work late with her after all. Megan lies and says Don just called her and they're going out. Things get awkward for Peggy when Don calls later wanting to speak with Megan! When Megan gets home, Don is sitting on the bed smoking and waiting up for her. She tells him she went out with a drink with a friend and had to lie to Peggy.

The next day, Peggy follows Megan into the women's washroom at work and screams at her never to put her in a position with Don like that again. Megan then fesses up her secret. She had an audition for a Broadway production but didn't get it. More than that, she hates advertising and wants to quit! This angers Peggy since so many people would love Megan's job and Megan doesn't appreciate it.

Rude Awakening

Finally, Megan knows she has to tell Don the truth, so she does. Of course, it's the middle of the night and she has to wake him up, but that doesn't bother her. Don is sweet about it, but confused as Megan is a natural at advertising. He mentions her stellar work on Heinz, but Megan says she'd rather audition and fail than succeed at advertising! Yeah, your heart has to be in your career, I agree.

I, like Don and Peggy, don't get this, but I used to work in, and revel in, the creative world of advertising too. Don says he wants Megan to follow her dreams. When Megan says she'll stay to train a person for her job, classy Don says no, she can just come into the office tomorrow, say goodbye and leave! No two weeks notice required, I guess.

No Means No

Pete can't stop thinking about Beth. He calls her to ask her to meet him in the city, but she tells him to stop calling. They'll just have to keep their memories of that night only. This isn't good enough for Pete and he actually goes home with Howard after work inventing an "insurance emergency" since Howard is in the insurance biz.

To say the least, Beth is shocked to see Pete walk in the door with her husband! While Howard goes to get the insurance papers, Pete even kisses Beth on the lips and asks her to meet him at a hotel room. Howard is back and Beth takes Howard aside to tell him she has a migraine. When the hotel meeting is supposed to happen, Pete waits sitting on the bed with a bottle of champagne, but Beth doesn't show.

We'll Miss You, Sort Of

Megan's leaving causes a bit of a stir in the company. Peggy is proud that Megan had the guts to tell Don and to quit to follow her acting dreams. Joan snorts to Peggy that Megan will likely fail, though, and just become a wife to a rich man. She reminds Peggy that Don's ex-wife, Betty, had been a model first too. Yes and, sadly, this is another Betty-free episode, by the way. It was still an entertaining episode, though, and Megan is starting to really grow on me.

Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce is gong to miss Megan's advertising aptitude, for sure, since the Cool Whip test kitchens skit fails with Peggy in her place. Don starts yelling at Peggy for not knowing her lines, but hey, Don, Megan left with only one day's notice, remember? Ken and the others can't even choose the right jingle for the Chevalier clients. It takes ad whiz Megan to casually pull out the right album for Don on her way out the door to acting class!

I'm loving the Megan storyline now on Mad Men -- are you?

Sheri Stirrs
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