'Love in the Wild' Season 2 Preview Guide: New Jungle, New Host
'Love in the Wild' Season 2 Preview Guide: New Jungle, New Host
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Last season, Love in the Wild brought together 10 men and 10 women  in the remote jungles of Costa Rica in attempt to play matchmaker and give them a chance to find love. Contestants Mike and Samantha, who were initially paired together, ultimately won the reality dating series and earned a trip around the world together.

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What to Expect from Love in the Wild Season 2:

Love in the Wild season 2 will once again feature single men and women who are eager to find love in the jungle, only this time the Dominican Republic will serve as the backdrop for the show. Given the new location of the series, viewers can expect nature-based challenges with new twists, as well as a new host.

Replacing season 1 host Darren McMullen is Jenny McCarthy, who is known for her hosting duties on MTV's Singled Out. McCarthy, who has also inked a deal to host The Jenny McCarthy Show on VH1, is expected to infuse some comedic vibe on the NBC reality series.

"I watched the first season, and the format worked and I realized why they wanted to add me to the second season - to add comedy and bring out the drama that we love and exist in the shows. I would do it, as long as I can bring that SINGLED OUTJenny back to TV. I'm proud to say, I've given it all I've got to bring that character back," McCarthy said at the recent Summer Press Day.

Each episode of Love in the Wild will put relationships to the test as couples go through adventurous challenges that will reveal whether or not they have a connection with their partner.  As usual, there's a winning couple who will share the night together at the luxurious Oasis while the rest stay in cabins. Then at the end of each week, two heartbroken singles will be eliminated until one couple is left standing.

Love in the Wild premieres June 7 on NBC. Don't forget to download and set a reminder on your BuddyTV Guide App!
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