'Love in the Wild' Recap: Feuds in the Wild!
'Love in the Wild' Recap: Feuds in the Wild!
When we last left the wild, Jason and Vanessa were heading home and Ken was trying to decide whether to focus his attention on Yanina or Jesse. It appears from the preview that he has decided on Jesse. Poor Yanina.

Two couples are headed home this week, as tensions boil over and threats are made. Ali (who unjustifiably gets immense amounts of love and praise on Twitter) even resorts to saying that someone could leave the show in a body bag. Ahhhh the joys of summer reality trash!
There are only four episodes left (including tonight), so let's see what happens next on Love in the Wild!
Here are the couples as they stand now:
Ali and Ben
Jesse and Michelle
Jenna and Ryan
Yanina and Ken
Summer and Chase

Tension in the Wild!

Things are pretty heated after the Couple's Choice ceremony. Ben has no idea why Ali would pick him (she says it's because she's still searching for love), and Ken and Jesse are both simmering from their earlier confrontation. Michelle is pissed because Ali stole her man, and she points out how many men Ali has cycled through up to this point. Ali counters by saying that she's a woman and not into cutthroat high school antics (despite the fact that she hazed the new girls when they first arrived), and she tosses in that Michelle "operates at a third grade level and ... should just be happy she's here" to back up her point.

Ken gets all up in Jesse's business and continues to press his point when Jesse clearly has no interest in keeping the "gentlemanly discussion" going. After all, Ken aired his dirty laundry about him just wanting to sleep around. Even though Ken is the aggressor, Jesse takes it up a notch while stalking off, saying, "If you follow me, I'm going to break a chair over your f---ing head." Ken says bring it on, and he keeps calling Jesse nicknames like Champ, which just makes it more annoying.

Jesse finally gets away, and Ken is all smiles and quite proud of himself. He tells Yanina they need to focus on beating Jesse, which makes me think he might be losing his focus. You got your girl, champ, just relax. Yanina agrees with me, and she tells him to focus on her.

Adventures in the Wild!

Ryan is feeling sick heading into the adventure, which is only significant because holy crap, there's Ryan and Jenna. These two are totally flying under the radar.

Jenny tells the couples that this adventure will force them to face their fears. They first have to use bamboo sticks to turn a boat into an outrigger. Then they'll follow a map to two rubbing stones, where a charcoal stick and a piece of parchment will allow them to copy a secret message. Then it's off to the finish. The first couple that recites the message and brings two special objects will be off to the Oasis for either romance or more fighting.

Ali is annoyed with Ben right from the start for not being manly enough, which means she is working towards successfully alienating yet another male contestant. Ben, determined to win so he can get back with Michelle, gets off to a fast start, while Michelle and Jesse immediately steer their boat into a bunch of rocks.

Jason and Summer are the first to the top of a huge cliff, where there's a rickety old wooden ladder to the bottom. Everyone handles it well, except for Ali, who is now in last place with Ben. They're all harnessed in, so there's no real danger, but she cries and screams before finally working up the courage to head down. By this point, all the other teams have gotten to the first rubbing stone, and first-place Summer and Chase are past the second one. Ali even says that because she has no romantic connection with Ben, his attempts to encourage her are more annoying than appreciated.

Ken and Yanina are bickering the whole time, too. He calls her bossy, while she refers to herself as bitchy. At least they're on the same page there.

Chase and Summer arrive at the "creature log," where each person must pick up one nightmarish creature to bring to the finish. Chase is scared of spiders, but he mans up and picks up a tarantula. Summer picks her creature and they race to the finish to take first place. The secret message means "There is no fear when love exists," and we'll see what that means to Chase and Summer at the Oasis.

Jesse and Michelle are second, followed by Ken and Yanina (who screams a lot when picking her spider). Nice to see Jenny McCarthy curse like a truck driver, too. Jenna overcomes her fear to help her and Ryan finish in fourth. Ben and Ali take last, and their disdain for each other is clear. They scream and fight the whole way to their tent.

Romance in the Wild! (Wait, What?)

Summer and Chase both have an interest in romance at the Oasis, and they also agree that he has to initiate it. He finally grows some cajones, and they share their first kiss.

Yanina apologizes to Ken, and they're in good shape despite their differences on the adventure. Michelle and Ben snuggle while they complain about their partners, and he gives her a little wooden turtle to show his affection.

Ryan and Jenna are both happy and boring, so that leaves two couples to stir up the drama.

Animosity in the Wild! (Thank you, Ali!)

In the "really??" moment of the show, Jesse goes back to Ali and says he is still deeply attracted to her and wants to clear the air. I guess he realizes no one else would even consider sleeping with him at this point. But it totally backfires, because Ali sucks, and it all blows up in his face. They end up screaming at each other again before Jesse stalks off (again). With two couples going home, I think it would be amazing if they both end up sticking around.

Jenna doubts her feelings for Ryan, but at this point she might not have any choice but to stick it out with him and see where it goes.

I'm not going to even discuss the beauty treatments Ken and Yanina give each other in their "spa" day, but it's something no man should do on television.

Ben and Ali continue their roller coaster relationship. He calls her a "ruthless black widow," and in response, she questions his moral integrity, refers to Michelle as "funbags" and "blowup doll," and says that Ben has never seen her without her makeup on. "One day, she's going to take the brown bag off," she says. "And he's going to realize it's a man." Then Ali says she doesn't understand why there has to be animosity, AND THEN she says she's not going to bring pettiness to the forefront. It's just an amazing sequence of sentences.

Couples' Choice (in the Wild!)

Chase gets first pick, and he chooses to stay with Summer. Even though no one can refuse either one of them, she's sticking around too. Guess that kiss was good.

Jesse picks Michelle, but only because he knows everyone else will say no to him and he'd rather have Michelle be the one to send him to the unmatched area. She chooses Ben, and the happy couple is back together.

Of course Ken and Yanina stick together, and that means Ryan must choose between Jenna and Ali. He makes the obvious call to stay, leaving her to pick between him and Jesse. But before she chooses, she tells Ryan that there's no romantic connection between them, which is a complete shock to him. He decides they should head to the unmatched area rather than try and force it, which seems stupid when there's $50,000 on the line. Ali can choose between Jesse or Ryan, but she has no connection with either of them, so she quits too. I mean, you might be looking for love, but it's still a game. What a bunch of quitters.

Ryan feels betrayed, Jenna is sorry, Jesse is 100 percent "him" and wishes he got to know Ali's true colors earlier, and Ali says she broke down and realized that if she's not matched with the right guy, she can "turn psycho bitch." Well said.

Only three couples left, and Jenny promises more twists. Everyone seems happy with their partners, and love could be in the (wild)cards! Who do you think will win? And do you think any of these singles have what it takes to remain a couple after the show?

Bill King
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