'Love in the Wild' Recap: It's a Cruel, Cruel Summer
'Love in the Wild' Recap: It's a Cruel, Cruel Summer
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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It's that time again for another episode of Love in the Wild! After all the drama that's sprouted from the heartfelt and strategic couplings, the producers may need to rethink their show's title.

Unfortunately for those of you who enjoy good dogfights, Jesse has now left the competition. Does this mean we can get back to feeling the love in paradise? Let's get through the quicksand and scorpions and find out. Wait ... SCORPIONS?!

After the Couple's Choice Ceremony

The remaining three couples are still trying to cope with seeing two couples. Well, they seem to worry over it for at least 10 seconds. Chase is trying to figure out how to win Summer's affections and Ben and Michelle are cute and adorable, giggling over being paired once again.

Ken gets the Captain Obvious Award. "Do you realize," he starts with Yanina," that we're competing with two other couples for a trip around the world?" Oh wow! That's what we're here for? I thought we were celebrating Jenny McCarthy's return to the public eye.

The Adventure

Jenny informs the couples that today they get to use modern technology, i.e. a GPS, instead of a map. Plus, the next Couples' Choice Ceremony will also host a surprise. What else could we possibly be surprised with?

"This is Chase's mission to shine on," says Summer. Being that he's been in the Marines, Chase should have this in the bag right? On the other end of the spectrum, Ben is even more lost with his GPS than he would have been with a map!

Ken and Yanina end up taking first place, picking up the first item, inflatable tubes and are making their way quickly to the journal and air pump. Ben and Michelle are next, right behind the leaders as they float down the river.

As for the former Marine ... they are in last place and Summer is pretty disappointed. Perhaps this is why he is a FORMER Marine?

The second leg of the adventure is simply traveling from one location to another by a path. There doesn't look to be a challenge until Yanina takes a step and immediately shrinks to about half her size. They have reached the quicksand! Luckily, they make their way through the quicksand and grab the scrolls that hang overhead. Ken and Yanina hop back into the river in first place.

Ben and Michelle reach the quicksand next, but they take too long to figure things out and grab the scroll. Chase and Summer catch up. For a minute, it looks as though Michelle's upper half might weigh her down, but she trudges along and they keep their second place spot.

Ken and Yanina reach their destination and enter an old, ancient chamber ... that houses SCORPIONS! Now they must decode a message within a word search. Ken has a hard time so Yanina takes over and finds it within seconds. "I do want a man to take control," she says, "but I also want a man who knows when it is my turn to take control." Well, you definitely proved your point.

"At this point, I just want to strangle Chase," complains Summer. The ex-Marine cannot use a GPS or decode a message hidden in a simple word search. Once again, the woman takes charge of the puzzle component and deciphers the message almost immediately.

Ken and Yanina have reached the beach where they have to dig in the sand for a treasure chest. An exhausted Ken carries the chest as they job to the finish line and meet up with Jenny.

Ben and Michelle reach their chest, yet have a hard time digging it out of the wet, muddy sand. Chase and Summer catch up and end up digging their chest out at the same time. It is now a race to the finish in which Ben and Michelle take second place.

The Oasis

"I'm really looking forward to having some private time in the Oasis," beams Ken. We'll give them some privacy.

The Cabins

Summer is giving Chase the cold shoulder because she feels as though "he just totally screwed up," as she puts it. They might live within the same four walls, but it looks to me as though Chase has built his own dog house.

Poor Chase just does not know what to do to win Summer's affections back. "I'm not here to build a first place team, I'm here to build a relationship," he says with great big puppy dog eyes. Summer should hop off of her high horse, if you ask me.

Meanwhile, Ben and Michelle are still cute and adorable and falling in love. He's picked a spot on the beach for a romantic picnic on the windiest day ever in paradise. It really makes you realize how much hair the two have between them.

Chase has decided to make up a scavenger hunt and follows along with Summer as she retraces their steps on their personal journey through the competition. "I'm not really a poet," he explains and I greatly agree, but it works! "I felt really bad about being poopy pants earlier," says Summer. Not sure what that has to do with Chase, but she was blaming him for virtually everything but the weather.

As for Ken and Yanina, their reward date consists of riding in four wheelers and then taking a swim in under a waterfall. On a scale of 1 - 10, Yanina gives it a strong 11.

A calm chat between couples Ben and Michelle and Summer and Chase soon turns awkward when they realize they don't quite see eye-to-eye. Ben and Michelle don't believe that their competitors deserve to be their because they aren't as affectionate as they are. Chase explains that they just get upset when they don't win.

Couples' Choice Ceremony

"No one is going home just yet," starts Jenny. Instead, they couples will be tested on how well they know their partner, answering seven questions. Whoever answers the most questions right will receive 30 seconds extra for tomorrow's adventure. Ken and Yanina are given a point for winning this week's adventure.

Ben and Michelle get the first question right thanks to Michelle's best feature, her "jugs."

We learn that Yanina smothers lime all over her body, believing that mosquitoes will stay away. She and Ken earn a point with this and Ken loves that his lady smells like "key lime pie in the morning."

It's amazing how horribly Summer and Chase did in the adventure, yet their answers are almost always in sync with one another.

Couples Quiz Points:
Ken and Yanina - 4
Chase and Summer - 5
Ben and Michelle - 6

"Well, our couple who came in last," says Jenny, "you guys will be going home." Everyone is obviously upset over seeing the number one in-love couple being sent home. "Just kidding!" exclaims Jenny. Remember, I said no one leaves tonight because we sent two couples home last week.

So, Ben and Michelle will have those extra 30 seconds before their competitors in next week's adventure. Whoever wins that adventure, though, will have the authority to send a couple home! Make sure you tune in next Tuesday night for another episode of Love in the Wild!

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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