Jenny McCarthy Signs on to Host 'Love in the Wild,' NBC's Best Worst Summer Reality Show
Jenny McCarthy Signs on to Host 'Love in the Wild,' NBC's Best Worst Summer Reality Show
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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She's got some experience setting up willing singles from her days on Singled Out, and now Jenny McCarthy is going to put those skills to good use -- in the jungle. The actress has signed on to host the second season of Love in the Wild, NBC's competitive reality series that has been described (by me) as "speed dating meets Romancing the Stone."

Or, in terms of its reality TV predecessors, it's like Survivor meets Bachelor Pad meets a little bit of Temptation Island. In other words, perfect mindless summer fun. (And if you don't believe me, just check out my recap of the episode when they went to SNAKE ISLAND.)

"Everyone knows I've looked just about everywhere except the jungle for love -- I wanted to apply as a contestant and ended up with a job," McCarthy says of her new gig.

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The first season of Love in the Wild consisted of just eight hour-long episodes, and was hosted by Darren McMullen, a Scottish TV personality relatively unknown in the US. (He's since moved on to hosting The Voice Australia.) The addition of McCarthy shows that NBC may be putting a bigger bet -- not to mention budget -- behind the series this summer.

"It's a huge advantage to have the versatile Jenny McCarthy return to host an alternative series on our network in a genre that she first helped to make popular on television," says Paul Telegdy, President of Alternative Programming at NBC. "She brings a measure of unpredictability to the show's unique format and we are thrilled to feature her charisma, enthusiasm and magnetism in this adventure series."

Jungle adventures, romance and rejection, and an "unpredictable" host who may or may not hit on the male contestants? Sounds like Love in the Wild just got a little wilder, and a whole lot better.

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