'The Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Teams Have to Mop It Up to Win
'The Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Teams Have to Mop It Up to Win
This week on The Celebrity Apprentice, the two teams have to create a viral video for a product -- a mop -- that they approach in completely opposite ways. Meanwhile, Clay steps up for Lou, who's the project manager, and the women continue to be catty with Tia at the helm.

Lou Dances and Clay Confronts

Their theme of "I'll Mop the Floor With You" is pretty hilarious. Lou is the only star in the video, in an apron, shaking his thing while mopping up the floor. It's pretty funny, but I wonder about the fact that the other men weren't involved on screen. And because of how bent out of shape everyone got last week because Michael didn't step up to a car task, I wonder if Clay will get any heat for not bringing his singing talents into a video? (That's sarcasm. And I'm clearly still not over what happened last week.)

But before any of that happens, the men are gathered around brainstorming, and all Penn can do is shoot down idea after idea. When all of these disagreements and fights happen, I wonder how much creative editing is done. With Penn, he does come off as condescending, as Clay tells him later, and as someone who wants to see Lou fail. And it's really cute to see Arsenio and Clay really help him because they genuinely want to see him succeed.

The Women Want Your Number

The women are told by the company's rep that the women can go sexy (but with taste) with the video. That immediately got me thinking that's setting the women up to win or fail. Because the men weren't told that. Granted, they also have another rep visit them.

So the women come up with "What's Your Number" ... and that somehow relates to ... how many mops you've bought? OK, when the women were talking about it, I swear it made more sense.

The women aren't meshing (as usual) because Audrey, Lisa and Debbie aren't taking charge. They think they're being cast aside -- more so Audrey and Debbie because Lisa is doing all the writing. It's the same ol' same ol' and frankly, I'm getting sick of it. And Dayana is being cast as a whiner and not a team player, and you BARELY even see Patricia or Teresa.

In the boardroom

I really don't see Lou losing because he's the underdog that I find myself actually rooting for, after weeks of getting annoyed by his presence.

The scene in the boardroom is everything you'd expect by now -- the women going at it, throwing each other under the bus left and right (of course after being a little egged on by the Trumps).

As for the men, I'm surprised to hear Lee throw Paul under the bus, since HE came up with the concept that everyone thought was so brilliant!

I see the men winning because their slogan is more related to the product. You don't need an explanation. Meanwhile, with the women's slogan, you need about a 20 second speech about what it actually means.

You're Fired

The trendy thing to do lately, it seems, is for the project manager to take the fall for a failed competition. We saw Adam do it last week, but it came with a bigger consequence -- another person was fired as well.

The men do win, which prompts Tia to ask whether the same scenario will happen if she offers herself as the sacrificial lamb. And because Trump says no, she says she won't bring any other players in.

I understand Tia -- and even Adam's -- reasonings. But in both cases, there was a chance for them to be saved and other people to get fired, and I don't know why either didn't fight harder. Is it because they didn't want to live with the guilt?

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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