Will LOST Split Its Finale?
Will LOST Split Its Finale?
Surely, one of the most controversial moves that ABC made with LOST this year was moving it to 10:00pm est on Wednesday.  Partly, the reason for this lay in that fact that LOST was being crushed by American Idol last year, so the move was thought to give LOST a little more growing room.  Later,  when LOST's ratings dropped, ABC feigned that they knew this would happen all along and that the move was really done to secure a piece of ratings real estate that has long eluded them,  the Wednesday 10:00pm est slot to be precise.  Regardless of which version you buy, the move has put LOST's traditional two hour finale in a nasty position.  For its first hour, on May 23rd, LOST will be duking it out with American Idol's final night of competition.  Can John Locke take on Sanjaya?  Will Sanjaya wear the infamous Jack mullet doo from last year?

The first thing that could be potentially damaging is, in fact, Sanjaya.  Not so much in the regard that his voice is surely an evil force from another galaxy hell bent on the destruction of mankind, but because his place in the American Idol premiere with said voice will bring all those morbidly fascinated viewers out of the wood work.  Why Tivo American Idol when you could be part of history of sucking?

The sad thing is, LOST has no choice but to air from 9:00 to 11:00 if it is done as a single part, so I submit another possibility.  Could LOST's finale be cut in two?  Would it be cut in two?  What would the fans think if it was?  (Besides, murder!)

There is still no word, despite the 'well duh' revelation of a fourth season, as to what time slot LOST will occupy next season.  A move at this point would seem superfluous.  If ABC has found a way to see good in the viewer drop off from the 10pm move, why gamble that another move, even if it were to an earlier spot, would do anything other than drive more viewers away.

Look for the possibility of a two part season finale for LOST to be become a major topic as the weeks roll on.  By the way, am I the only when with tears in my eyes when I think about the fact that LOST is over next month?  :(

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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