Was it Love that Killed LOST?
Was it Love that Killed LOST?
"T'was Beauty that killed the beast..." is how the famous line goes, and according to ABC, it is also an apt contributor to LOST's notable decline in ratings this past Valentines.  According to the spin released by the Network,  Wednesday's all new episode of LOST 'Flashes Before Your Eyes' was expected to take a hit from other-wise involved love-bugs.  Could it be that LOST fans are the most loved people in the world?  Well, at least two-million of them according to the press release put out by ABC this week.
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ABC's focus was mostly on how well LOST performed over the shows that previous died in its time slot.  Of course, LOST continues to grab the all important 18-49, but media nay-sayers focus on the dwindling numbers as well as an increasingly frustrated fan base as a harbinger of doom for the show.

TheTailsection.com has an altogether different take on the ratings conundrum, they blame the media and a fan-base that would rather complain then praise.  TheTailsection.com has launched a 'grass roots' effort to change the climate amongst fans.

ABC's rose-colored perspective of LOST's decline is hiding another possibility altogether, giving LOST back it's 9:00pm est on a different day.  Some insiders have suggested that ABC might be considering pairing LOST with Grey's Anatomy, but keeping it at 10:00pm est.

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