The 'Lost' Water Cooler: One of the Worst Episodes Ever?
The 'Lost' Water Cooler: One of the Worst Episodes Ever?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
As you might expect, the BuddyTV office is a hotbed of Lost discussions every Wednesday morning.  Some are diehard fans who've been there since the beginning while others are fans who abandoned the show, but came back for the final season.  If you could listen in to the BuddyTV staff's opinion of "What Kate Does," you'd learn one thing: they hated it.

Or at least most of them did.  Personally, I thought it was a vast improvement over last week's underwhelming season premiere, but the BuddyTV water cooler has spoken, and here are some of the problems Lost had.

The Plot Stalled
The biggest problem, and the reason one BuddyTV employee called it "one of the worst episodes ever," was that the plot didn't move forward.  Sayid, Jack and most of the gang are still trapped in the Temple, not getting any direct answers about what's happening.  Kate and Jin wandered around the jungle.  There was absolutely no Locke and Ben.  This is the final season, and these fans don't appreciate time-wasting filler episodes with so little time left.

Kate Cries Too Much
The scene on the dock was an emotional one for Sawyer, blaming himself for Juliet's death.  But after he tossed the ring into the water and left, Kate broke down crying.  We know it was a Kate-centric episode, but did she really have to try and steal Sawyer's moment by making it all about her?

The Temple's Crappy Set Design
I actually agree with this point, but a former fan who came back to Lost compared the look of the Temple to something you might see on Xena: Warrior Princess.  The Spring, Dogan's loft and the outside are all a little weak for a show of Lost's caliber, lacking the impressive detail of the Hatch or the majestic beauty of the beach camp.

Soap Opera Acting
Another big complaint was the acting in the altverse.  The crying woman whining about her husband leaving her was a little over-the-top and Claire wailing about the doctors saving her "baybay" was a total cliche.  Back in season 1, the flashbacks had subtlety and nuance which helped make the slightly overwrought storylines bearable, but now it's just a soap opera.

Basically, the consensus from the BuddyTV staff is that Lost has too few episodes to waste, the story needs to move forward in a hurry and Lost has to start taking itself more seriously.  If not, this could be a very long final season.

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