Six More 'Lost' Episodes as Shows Plan Post-Strike Returns
Six More 'Lost' Episodes as Shows Plan Post-Strike Returns
TVGuide's Michael Ausiello has provided a very helpful chart today, with information about which series will likely return to production immediately after the strike ends, which shows will wait until the Fall and which shows are unlikely to ever return.  The beauty of the imminent resolution of the writers' strike is that, had it gone on a few weeks longer, it might have been impossible for any series to return to production.  We're not going to get full seasons out of our favorite shows, but it's better than the alternative.  Unfortunately for fans of any first year shows, it looks like your going to have to wait until Fall for their return.

Let's hit the big shows first:

Lost will most likely film six more episodes for season 4.  They probably won't be done in time to air in succession after the eight completed ones, and it's possible that they'll air into June.  This will give season 4 a total of 14 episodes.  It's unclear what they'll then do with season 5.  My guess is that they'll shoot 18 episodes for the fifth season to get back on track with their prescribed season 6 end date.  Regardless, this is still great news.

24 will either come back this Fall or, more likely, air its seventh season starting in January '09.  

30 Rock, The Office and My Name is Earl will return to produce anywhere from five to 10 new episodes.  How I Met Your Mother will film at least five new episodes.

Grey's Anatomy
will produce four or five new episodes. 

Most new shows, including Chuck, Life, Dirty Sexy Money and Pushing Daisies will all wait until fall to ramp up production.  The one exception is Gossip Girl, which is expected to film up to nine new episodes for air in late Spring.  Bionic Woman is effectively dead.

For a full look at which shows will return, check out Ausiello's report at TV Guide.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: TVGuide
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