Northern Overexposure: 7 Ways Sarah Palin Will Rule TV in 2010
Northern Overexposure: 7 Ways Sarah Palin Will Rule TV in 2010
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
With a fresh Fox News deal under her belt, a best-selling biography on the bookshelves (plus a new InTouch magazine cover!), and a firm RSVP to be the special guest at next month's Daytona 500, Sarah Palin's 2010 agenda is becoming clear:




As part of her goal to appeal to Americans of all political beliefs, Palin hopes to transcend her lowly "ex-Governor" status to become a true pop icon, in what we're calling the "Backwards Schwarzenegger" maneuver (or "B.S." for short), using the one medium we all know, love, and worship above all others: TELEVISION!

Here's where we hope to see Palin's smiling face forcibly injected into the plots of our favorite shows this spring:

30 Rock: Kenneth the Page's folksy, truth-telling aunt who comes to visit and takes Liz Lemon under her wing when she realizes their striking physical resemblance.

Lost: A sexy scientist looking for answers, who travels to The Island and discovers she is able to explain the existence of the Smoke Monster using undiscovered Bible verses.

24: President Taylor's VP who comes out to accuse her political opponent of "palling around with terrorists," only to find out they really ARE palling around with terrorists.

Chuck: A mysterious Ring operative known simply by the bone-chilling codename "The Barracuda."

Gossip Girl
The college librarian whom Chuck Bass must seduce so that she'll let Blair in after closing time to get a book she needs for a report.

Grey's Anatomy
: A healthy elderly woman whom Meredith tries to save, but is tragically sentenced to execution by one of Obama's Death Panels. (Admit it: stranger things have happened on Grey's.)

The Winchester boys' latest dark challenger whose "Bridge to Nowhere" is discovered to actually be a portal to Purgatory.

Have more ideas for where you'd like to see Sarah attempt her "B.S."? Leave them in the comments below! (Because she definitely reads them.)

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