New 'Lost' Promo: "Why Is My Name Written Down On This?" And Other Questions
New 'Lost' Promo: "Why Is My Name Written Down On This?" And Other Questions
ABC just aired a new Lost promo, and man, it's chock-full of details, I don't really know where to start. The whole thing aired during Desperate Housewives, and it seems to contain lot (and I mean a lot) of clips from future episodes, rather than just the premiere.

Oh, and I must add, there are potential spoilers after the cut.

A few things I can make out of this:

- We know Locke's had a pretty important role in recent events, but this season hints at Locke being a more active player than he ever was before. Does he really have the answers to why these people are on the Island?

- Same goes to Hurley--or maybe it's his belief in what the numbers actually do. That last scene, with Jack's question ("Why is my name written down on this?") before kicking some glass list that would probably get everyone in trouble. Does Hurley have a bigger role in the dynamic?

- Inside the Temple, interestingly, is a huge sand clock. And the man in charge seems to be the character Hiroyuki Sanada is playing. The first we heard of his casting, the only thing they're revealing is that it's a "significant recurring role". Now it seems he's the person in charge of judging everyone on the Island, or something like it. (He's torturing Sayid.) He's most definitely the one saying "this is the chance to redeem yourself." What could he be up to?

- Alongside Sanada is the other new recurring player on the show: John Hawkes, whose character is initially reported as a charismatic spokesperson of a foreign company. I guess that foreign company is some other entity on the Island. Why would the survivors go to the Temple at gunpoint?

- A pretty obvious question: all those scenes with Jack and Sawyer and Kate and Hurley--in what time was that? Surely doesn't seem like post-Jughead 1977 to me. But we still have to account for Locke's presence. All indicators do point at several timelines--2004 (with Oceanic 815 landing safely), 2008 (after Ben kills Jacob), and probably post-Jughead 1977--so it would be interesting to see how they merge all of that.

- Finally: who will die? Better yet, how many will, and why?

I watched the promo for, like, seven times and I'm sure I haven't covered everything yet. Still, aside from the three new clips we saw over the weekend, the question as we approach Lost's final season seems all the same: what the heck is this all about?

(Image courtesy of ABC)