'Lost' Recap: The Sub Goes Down (Page 2/2)
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In the alternate universe, John Locke wakes up after surgery where his doctor, Jack Shephard, is waiting.  It turns out Locke is a candidate for an experimental new low-risk surgery to completely restore Locke's ability to walk.  That sounds a little too good to be true, and Locke passes on it as Helen arrives, much to Jack's dismay.

Since Locke refuses to explain how he became paralyzed, Jack goes to Locke's dentist to find out.  The dentist is none other than Bernard, who recognizes Jack from Oceanic 815 (and possibly from more than just that).  Bernard is very sketchy and I can't tell how much he knows about the original timeline, but he certainly seems to know something.  He points Jack to a man who was with Locke during the accident: Anthony Cooper.

Jack tracks him to a retirement community (which means Jack had a much easier job tracking down than Detective James Ford), and Helen shows up.  She wants to know why Jack is so obsessed with performing a surgery on someone who doesn't want it, and to be honest, he doesn't have a good answer.

She introduces Jack to Anthony Cooper, though in the altverse, he's a catatonic old man in a wheelchair.  Jack returns to the hospital where Locke is mumbling something about pushing a button.  Claire shows up to talk to her big brother some more about why their dad left her a music box.  They learn that they were on the same Oceanic 815 flight, but even after staring into the music box's mirror, they still seem perplexed.  He decides to let her stay at his place since they're family.

As Locke leaves the hospital, Jack confronts him about his dad.  It turns out Locke was in a plane crash.  He got his license, took his dad for a ride, and they crashed, leaving them both injured.  Jack wants Locke to forgive himself so that he can do the same, but Locke just takes off.

Compared to the fact that Sayid blew up, Lapidus died and Jin sacrificed himself to drown with his wife, the altverse stuff doesn't seem that important.

Next week on Lost: We learn the truth about Jacob and the Man in Black, finally.  And in two weeks is an episode titled "What They Died For," which makes a lot more sense after seeing this episode.