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After beating up Ben, Desmond drove over to the jail to turn himself in.  He finds Detective James Ford, who is uninterested in going with Miles to some big concert at his dad's museum.  Something tells me that's going to be a very important concert.

Detective Ford locks Desmond up between Sayid and Kate.  Later he comes back to release them to the county.  In the van ride, Desmond starts talking crazy about what he's done and how he's helping people.  He promises to show Sayid and Kate the truth and get them out of jail, but only if they agree to do something for him later on.

They half-heartedly agree just as the van pulls over.  The cop transporting them, Ana Lucia, is dirty and accepts a bribe to release the prisoners.  The bribe comes from Hurley, who drives up and cheerfully says "Hi" to Ana Lucia before realizing that she doesn't know who he is.

In other words, Hurley knows exactly who she is and he seems to have all of his memories from the original timeline.  It's weird because at the start of this season, I absolutely HATED the flash-sideways.  Now they're my favorite part of the show.

Hurley takes Sayid while Desmond takes Kate.  Where are they going?  A fancy concert, of course.  A concert at Miles' dad's museum the one where Charlotte works, the one Faraday attends, the one Jack's son is performing at and the one Jack's son's mom will be attending.  I smell fireworks.

That's it for the penultimate episode of Lost.  The pieces are now in place.  Jack is the new Jacob, heading off to protect the Light.  Flocke plans on using Desmond to blow up the Island.  And in the altverse, everyone is headed to a concert while Hurley and Desmond orchestrate a master plan to make everyone remember who they really are.

It all comes down to this: the two-and-a-half series finale, this Sunday at 9pm.  We're less than five days away from all the answers we're ever going to get.

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