'Lost' Recap: This Is What They Died For? (Page 2/4)
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Elsewhere on the Island, Ben, Miles and Richard are still alive!  They're on their way to get C4 to blow up the plane, which is so two episodes ago.  Miles reminds us all why we love him by claiming that he lived at the Barracks 30 years before Ben, "otherwise known as last week."

They get to the Barracks and Miles senses something.  It's Alex, who Richard buried. Ben thanks him for this, and he's the most sincere he's ever been.  Inside, they go to Ben's secret room where Miles sees the even secreter room where Ben can summon the Monster, though he now realizes the Monster was summoning him.

After getting the C4, they hear a noise and find Zoe and Widmore in Ben's house. Widmore just wants to talk, explaining that after the Kahana blew up, Jacob found him and told him exactly what to do.  I suppose that's a nice and easy way to gloss over any actual explanations. Zoe goes to get their things but sees Flocke coming for them.  She and Widmore decide to hide in the secret room, Miles runs away and Ben and Richard want to talk things out.

Instead of talking, the Smoke Monster picks up Richard and flings him away, possibly killing him. Much like Lapidus, we're left not knowing Richard's fate. Flocke shows up to chat with Ben, explaining that he needs Ben's help to kill some more people, and that once he leaves, Ben will have the Island all to himself. Ben wastes no time giving up Widmore.

In the secret room, Flocke finds the Zoe and Widmore, and after killing Zoe, he demands that Widmore explain his plan, otherwise he'll kill Penny when he gets off the Island.  Widmore starts whispering it to him, because with only one episode left, the writers still have no idea what's going on.  Before he can finish, Ben shoots and kills Widmore, because he's still holding a grudge over the death of Alex.  It doesn't matter, because Flocke already found out what he needed to know.

Ben and Flocke head to the well where Desmond is mysteriously gone.  I'll assume Jack and his group found and rescued him, but we didn't see it.  Flocke doesn't care, because it turns out Desmond was Jacob's failsafe in case all his Candidates were killed.  I have no idea what that means, but Flocke thinks it means he can use Desmond to destroy the Island.  The problem with this plan is that Ben won't have any desire to help Flocke since his only leverage was the promise of getting the Island.

That was it for the Island, but keep reading to see what happened in the alternate universe.

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