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The next morning the Man in Black wakes up to find the well filled in and his people all dead.  The Mystery Woman returns to her cave and finds it destroyed.  The Man in Black comes up behind her and kills her.  She actually thanks him.  Then Jacob arrives and beats the crap out of his twin brother for killing their mom.

Jacob takes the Man in Black to the magic cave with the Light of Life and throws him in.  Then we hear a rumbling and out comes our old friend the Smoke Monster.  So I guess that's how Smokey was born.

But the Man in Black's body comes out the other side, so it seems he's actually dead and so Flocke isn't the Man in Black any more than he's John Locke.  My best theory is that the Smoke Monster is a soul repository.

Jacob takes his brother and mother, packs up a white and black stone and lays them next to each other in their cave.  The only problem with the episode is that it adds unnecessary flashbacks to the first season to show that the Man in Black and the Mystery Woman are actually Adam and Eve, the skeletons Jack and Kate found.

Not only is this the only time any series regular appears in the episode, but it's not necessary because any fan who didn't immediately put together the fact that their bodies were Adam and Eve doesn't deserve to watch the finale.

Thus ends the strangest episode of Lost ever.  It was more like a prequel movie explaining all of the origins and mysteries.  I can understand why some people might hate it (people who care about characters over plot), but I enjoyed a break from Jack's nonsense to answer some serious questions.

Next week: The last new episode of Lost before the series finale.  Based on the preview, which gave away nothing, all the Mirror Images we've seen in the altverse will be explained, so I expected next week to do for the alternate universe what this episode did for the Island.

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