'Lost' Recap: All About Jacob and the Man in Black (Page 2/3)
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The next day the twins play their stone game when the Boy in Black sees his dead mother and chases after her.  She takes him to the other people on the Island and explains that they were the other people shipwrecked with her, that she's his mother and the Mystery Woman killed her, and that his home is "across the sea."

That night the Boy in Black tries to take Jacob with him to the others, but Jacob refuses.  They two get into a fight when the Mystery Woman arrives.  The Boy in Black explains that he's going, but she promises that he will never be able to leave the Island.  If there's one thing I've learned from Lost, it's this: don't tell people what they can't do!

Thirty years later, Jacob (now played by Mark Pellegrino) weaves a tapestry for his mom.  He then goes off to play a game of stones with his brother, now played by Titus Welliver.  The Man in Black confirms to his brother that people are evil and corrupt, but they can help him get off the Island.  He shows Jacob a well they built that is magnetized.

The Man in Black and the others have built wells all over the Island where metal is magnetized, and this is how he can find a way off the Island.  Jacob goes back to his mom, who goes after the Man in Black.

In the well, the Man in Black explains that he's been looking for the Light of Life this whole time and decided to go under the Island to get to it.  He takes off a brick and reveals some shining light.  He also has the giant donkey wheel Ben pushed.  His plan is to open a big hole in the wall, attach the donkey wheel and let the water and light flow over it to help get him off the Island.  Sadly, there's no more explanation about how exactly pushing a wheel could do this.  The Mystery Woman doesn't like what she hears, so she smashes his head into the wall and takes off.

She runs back to Jacob and takes him back to the cave with the waterfall and the Light of Life.  She explains that its home to birth, death and rebirth and it's the power source of the Island.  Also, if anyone goes in it, they'll suffer a fate worse than death.

She can no longer protect it (probably because she smashed the Man in Black's face into a wall), so she blesses some wine and makes Jacob drink it so he can take over as Island protector.  He's resistant at first but eventually caves.  Now he's just like her.

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