Lost's New Addition Talks
Lost's New Addition Talks
One of Lost's latest additions, Rebecca Mader, dropped a few interesting hints regarding her character in a British radio interview.  So far, the Lost producers have said very little regarding the new stable of characters joining the show.  The only thing known about Mader's character, until now, is that the role was made British after they met Mader.  Beware, some might consider some of Mader's comments to be spoilers.

Mader was asked straight up which group of characters she belonged to, and she responded with a pre-programmed “no comment.”  I have to admit that I nearly gave up hope of any info right then and there, but Mader made up for it later in the interview.

When the interviewer asked Mader if she was a fan prior to being cast she acknowledged that she knew about the show, but hadn't seen a single episode.  She was given all three DVD sets and stayed in her hotel room watching the show back to back.  The experience left the stunning actress breathless, and she excitedly heralded the shows addictive quality.

When the conversation moved back to her character, Mader carefully revealed a few more vague pieces of information.  The character is one that will appear on the island.  Furthermore, while discussing how surreal it was to be within the world of Lost after the viewing binge, Mader described rehearsing a scene where she is laying in the jungle with several of the regulars gathered around her.

Of course, none of this is providing solid information, but you could take her desire to ingest the Lost mythology in its entirety as a sign that her character is someone who will be around for a while.

As for the scene she was rehearsing, you could fit that into a lot of scenarios, but it certainly sounds like the group may happen upon her in some spot of trouble.  Or, not.  Either way, in a world where Lost news amounts to occasional flickers in radio silence this snippets are compelling food for thought.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: Star FM
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