LOST's Evangeline Lilly Making her Big Screen Debut
LOST's Evangeline Lilly Making her Big Screen Debut
First Matthew Fox (Jack)  coached his way across the silver screen in McG's 'We are Marshall", then Naveen Andrews (Sayid) appeared in the struggling schlockfest 'Grindhouse', now LOST actress Evangaline Lilly (Kate) is preparing to her shot at big screen success with the French/Canadian thriller 'Afterwards'.  LOST's Lilly will play the neglected ex-wife of the films star French actor Romain Duris. 

The supernatural thriller also stars actor John Malkovich as a doctor who claims to be able to predict precisely when a person's death will occur.  The film is based on a French suspense novel of the same name.

The film is an odd choice for Lilly who has turned down several high profile offers including the proposed lead in Joss Whedon's now defunct 'Wonder Woman' project.  Lilly's big screen debut also hearkens up thoughts of a new 'LOST curse'.  Both Fox and Andrew's projects have failed to launch either actor into super stardom of the movie star variety, although both will have a second shot later this year with Fox's "Vantage Point" and Andrews' supporting stint in Jodie Foster's  "The Brave One".

So far, of the LOST alum, Matthew Fox has gotten the most Kudos from the movie industry for his portrayal of assistant coach Red Dawson to the fateful Marshall football club.  Despite a lukewarm financial turn, and muted awards buzz, Fox still garnered praised for his heartfelt portrayal.  His second shot , "Vantage Point", doesn't hit screens until October.

Andrews has not faired nearly as well.  There isn't much to be said for a role that is designed to be  a pastiche of an 70s low-budget horror film character, but for what it is Andrews pulls off the character of Abby with a sort of groove that the rest of the film was sorely lacking.  'Grindhouse' has turned out to be a legendary flop. "The Brave One" will be release in September of '07.

Evangeline's 'Afterwards' begins production in June with a late 2007 release date possible.

- Jon Lahconis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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