Lostalikes - 'Lost' Relief Part Two, the Big Screen Edition
Lostalikes - 'Lost' Relief Part Two, the Big Screen Edition
Welcome to part two of Lostalikes.  Part of our ongoing series of suggested works of television, literature, or cinema that may satiate your thirst for Lost.  Sure, you could sit and watch the whole series over again, and wind up just deepening your despair, or you could take the opportunity to charge your intellectual batteries with comparable mind bending outlets.   Not only will Lostalikes keep your brain nimble for the mysteries of season 4, it may load you full of new brain kata  to battle the puzzles that commence when ‘not penny's boat' pulls ashore.

Before we get started, happy 815 day Lost fans.  August 15 has special meaning for Lost fans not only because the ill fated flight that was the impetus of the story was Oceanic 815, but also because that date, August 15, ties in with the show in some interesting ways.  For a lowdown, check out my Happy 815 Day post at TheTailsection.

Now, continuing in our series of Lostalikes, we move onto the big screen, or in this case whatever size screen is connected to your DVD player.  A Lostalike isn't, by definition, a work that is contrived from Lost.  A Lostalike is a work that gives you some of the sensations that Lost evokes so well, or explores similar themes.  Here are a few films that capture that feel. Keep in mind, there is a very good reason why I'm picking titles that are outside of the mainstream, because probably most of you have heard of them, and therefore seen them already.  Instead, I'm taking the cultural back roads looking to stumble upon a little celluloid diner or two that has cracked Lost's home-cooked recipe.

– Directed by John Frankenheimer and starring Rock Hudson, Seconds is the story of a man who runs into a service which helps you fake your death, get a new face and body, and live the life you always wanted.  The nightmare begins when the Rock begins to question whether his new life is the redemption he was looking for, or if that lay in returning to his past.  A good campanion piece to Lost's tougher 'redemption aint always easy' theme.

Don't Look Now
– Not for the faint of heart!  A French thriller with American actor Donald Sutherland in the lead.  If you like Carlton Cuse's analogy of Lost being a Mosaic being assembled a tile at a time, you'll love this story of a man restoring a Mosaic – a tile at a time – and finding himself plagued by psychic visions.  But just like Lost's Desmond, our guy is going to learn that those visions may not necessarily mean what he thinks. Not for the faint of heart.

Lost Highway
– David Lynch's dream like logic goes awry in this nightmarish fugue of warped identity, running from responsibility, and forced redemption.  Surreal cinema at its best, and a nice bit of Lost's inexplicable character connections  that ends with a far from fortunate resolution.

Coming up next week: Could Lost really happen?  A look at three books, two that provide a scientific basis for everything we have seen so far, and one that gets to the root of just why it is we love this show so much.  Then, in part four we go back to the world of television to drag out a few more series that are guaranteed to keep your Lost cravings at bay.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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