Lost: Will Aaron and Ji Yeon Figure In Any Way?
Lost: Will Aaron and Ji Yeon Figure In Any Way?
The latest episode of Lost featured Kate not immediately getting to grips with Claire's lack of appreciation for her efforts. You can imagine what she's thinking. "I left the Island to take care of her kid, I returned to the Island so I can get you, and now you attempt to kill me?" All that was quelled when Locke got to her and explained why he had to lie to Claire about Aaron's whereabouts. Then, the surprise line: he's got a crazy mother, too, one that gave him "growing pains". Finally, he swiftly connected that to Aaron.

The first thing I thought: the Man in Black is Aaron?

That should make sense at first glance. There's been a lot of hype surrounding the kid, and not just in the "how was he conceived on the Island?" way the Others had early in the season. "You mustn't allow another to raise your baby," Richard Malkin said, adding that he's special. And then he was sent to the Island and somehow moseyed around as things happened. Only, well, someone else raised Aaron.

He's yet to figure this season, and there's a lot of ideas floating around at the moment as to how he'll pop up, if ever. "He's the kid that appeared to Locke and Sawyer!" "He's the Shepherd in the Lighthouse!" And now, my thoughts that he's actually the Man in Black. Nope, not Jacob like some think: if that was the case then the Others should've gotten to him early. Now it seems Jacob's the bad guy and the Man in Black's the good guy, never mind all the talk about an infection. Now, if I could figure out how Aaron will be catapulted from 2007 to thousands of years before, that idea would be airtight.

Since it isn't airtight, I'll resort to my second thought: Aaron will come to the Island and take some role in the future. It's an idea many of you also have, and also because of the other baby that's yet to figure this season: Ji Yeon, Jin and Sun's baby daughter. Come to think of it, she's a really special kid, having been conceived on the Island as opposed to Aaron. And since Jacob's list in the Lighthouse refers to a Kwon, it could be the kid--Jacob, after all, touched both Jin and Sun without being very clear about it. As the logic goes, she will also figure on the Island in the next few weeks.

Aaron, on the other hand, could figure thanks to Claire, who's also on Jacob's list. Other than that, there's the similarity with the Man in Black, and his purported huge play in the future. Looks like this is shakier than I thought--and that's probably the point.

What if the young ones will not really have anything to do with the Island, but are rather, for lack of a better term, collateral damage to the shenanigans their parents and other relatives were brought into after Jacob and the Man in Black decided to play. While blood is thicker than water, to use that scratchy proverb, the kids are separate entities from the very beginning, and are now away from the Island's troubles. They may have been on the Island at some point (what's Aaron's nationality again?) but they're not there to fulfill the deeds their parents were fated to do. In other words, they're just red herrings, a bit distracting, but interesting to think about anyway.

And, presuming that at the end of all this the Island is sent underwater and everything changes--thus, the alternate timeline--the kids' supposed participation will not matter at all. Never mind the question of how they'll actually get to the Island: in the end it will not affect them. Aaron's yet to be born, and Ji Yeon's yet to be conceived. Why mess around with the world you'll live in before you could even know what it is?

What if the answer lay in the other kid that figured largely in Lost's storyline? That's a different story altogether, perhaps.

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