Lost: Why Jack Should Be With Kate Who Should Be With Sawyer Who Should Be With Juliet (Page 1/4)
Lost: Why Jack Should Be With Kate Who Should Be With Sawyer Who Should Be With Juliet (Page 1/4)

Juliet and Sawyer were really happy together. Then Kate came back. Sawyer wants Kate and Kate wants Sawyer. But Kate had been in a very serious relationship with Jack back on they still have unresolved issues together (or at least he does with her.) Jack, though, had once been very close with Juliet. No, I'm not talking about an episode of Days of Our Lives. I'm talking about Lost.

Fans regularly analyze Lost as though it were a literature assignment, drawing out themes, subtext and foreshadowing to reveal that the show is really about and what's really going on. But even the geekiest of Lost scholars must have an opinion about the world's oldest, most basic questions. Is Juliet right for Sawyer? Are Kate and Jack meant to be together, or are Kate and Sawyer? Wasn't Jack better off with Juliet?

With the earnestness of a mock trial attorney I'll argue all four cases. You, however, will be the judge.

Why Sawyer and Juliet Should Be Together

This one’s easy because Sawyer should be with Juliet.

Sawyer  had never enjoyed a day of stability or family in his life until he got together with Juliet. James’ mother was conned into cheating on his father with a criminal, who then took their life savings. When his father found out killed his mother and himself while Sawyer was in the room. That’s a rough starter set for an eight year old to build their life on. Obviously, Sawyer did not adjust well since he’s spent most of his life swindling the people he’s closest with as a base form of income.

For Sawyer, She - the woman in the red dress, Jean Harlow with freckles, Kate - was an easy excuse to continue his exciting but unhappy life. As soon as She was gone Sawyer found a decent job, a comfortable home, a social circle and a stable relationship. Coincidence? No way. She was holding him back.

Sawyer has realized a dream most people idealize but find very difficult to stick to. He’s let go of his psychological addiction to drama and learned how to just be happy. To use a trite analogy being stranded with the DHARMA Initiative was like rehab for Sawyer, or fat camp. He didn’t have exciting and destructive choices readily at his fingertips anymore. He had to go cold turkey and he eventually detoxed. Juliet would only be the boring choice if he were bored. Since he seems to really like his life she’s an exciting choice.

One could point out that Sawyer needs Juliet more than she needs him. She’s relationship material. He’s not. If anything, he’s feeding one of her unhealthy addictions. As a doctor she lives to ‘fix’ people. Certainly if Sawyer runs off with Kate that’s a problem she should not be fixing. That’s beneath her.

But here’s why it does work for her. The thing that makes Juliet less sexy than Kate is that she’s clinical. She’s too responsible. I don’t assume that she wouldn’t be up for a little cage action if the situation presented itself but the idea would never occur to her. It would occur to Sawyer. If he can control himself he’s perfect for her because he draws her out.

Maybe it’s not the answer that steams up fans’ living room windows. But you do want them to be happy, don’t you? I mean, you would never want them to be unhappy just so you could enjoy more Sawyer and Kate monkey love, would you? Really?

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