Lost: "Who's The President of the United States?" and Five Other Clips (Page 1/2)
Lost: "Who's The President of the United States?" and Five Other Clips (Page 1/2)
Two episodes of Lost season five remain.  Faraday is dead, factored out by a Niffeneggerian twist. LaFleur and Juliet's blissfully dull life has been ruined, all of their friendships severed and their lives put on the line because Kate and Jack had to rush to the rescue. There's a warhead underneath the island and it's getting ready to blow. And the absolute truth that whatever happened happened has been called into question just in time for the finale.

"Follow the Leader" airs tomorrow night. But there's a dilemma. Six clips from the episode are now available. So do you want a fresh banquet on Wednesday or a series of delicious tastes on Tuesday? We'll leave that to you to decide. But here are the clips with our commentary.
In the first Lost clip Hurley, Jin and Miles are frightened when a figure emerges from the shrubbery.

I wasn't expecting this episode to be funny but you can always count on Hurley. Obviously he didn't get the Travel Guide to 1977 I wrote him. I suppose it just goes to show how removed from mainstream culture the DHARMA Initiative is, or how little Hurley listens to things that don't interest him. But really, Hurley, you've been here how long and you still don't know who the president is? I love Hurley.

In the second clip Radzinsky questions LaFleur about Kate.

The sound effects mixer officially deserves a shout out. Those were no Superman cartoon sockeroos. That was the sound of bone connecting with bone. Ouch. So has Stuart Radzinsky officially pushed Horace out of the way to become the leader of the DHARMA Initiative? Or is he in no position to anoint himself king?

In the third clip Jack is incredibly insensitive to Kate.

Somebody get Kate a bottle of Aquafina. She sounds like she's got an awful case of cotton mouth. This is a classic male-female exchange. Kate's like, "But what about me, Jack? Wouldn't you miss me? Aren't I the center of the world?" And Jack's like, "Katie, baby, I missed Monday Night Football for a whole season because of this. I want to go home, kick up my feet, eat some chicken wings and drink Jack Daniels. You'll be much better off without me. It's for your own good." It's a great point, though, that whether undoing the whole island experience sounds personally beneficial or not depends on which character you are on Lost. If you're Kate and you're going to prison, or if you're Locke and you're going to go back to being crippled, or you're Aaron and you're going to be unborn it doesn't sound as good as if you're Faraday or Charlotte or Shannon and Boone, and you want to live again.