Lost: What Will Happen on Thursday?
Lost: What Will Happen on Thursday?
This week's episode of Lost promises to be an exciting one.  The previews promised we're going to learn who Ben's man on the freighter is (probably Michael) and who the final two members of the Oceanic 6 are.  Originally the post-strike plan was to let this serve as the last new episode, then take a five week break before returning with the second half of the season, beginning with episode eight, which was actually filmed before the strike.  However, those plans changed and now the eighth episode will air next week, March 20, followed by a five week break, after which time the final five episodes of the season will continue Thursdays at 10pm, following the new episodes of Grey's Anatomy.

WARNING: This article contains possible spoilers about this week's episode.

Various spoiler sources are reporting that there is going to be a major death on this week's episode.  According to TV Guide's Michael Ausiello, the character who dies will be an original Oceanic 815 passenger.  Since season 1, Lost has continually proved to be the most unpredictable show on TV and a big part of this has been the writers intestinal fortitude when it comes to character deaths.  Lost is not afraid to kill off beloved characters.  Going in to Thursday's episode, there are a few contenders poised for an untimely demise.   The Ausiello spoiler, if true, tells us it won't be Juliet, or any of the four freighter people now on the island.  We can also rule out known members of the Oceanic 6, who include Hurley, Jack, Kate and Sayid.  Who, then, is left?


This would certainly be shocking, but Sawyer is too important to Lost to be killed off unexpectedly, especially in an episode where Sawyer isn't featured.  I worry that Sawyer's character may not have a lot of story juice left going forward, but he should be safe for awhile.


The same thing with Sawyer, except that Locke has a lot of story left to tell.  He and Ben's relationship is integral to the series, and won't be ending any time soon.


Now, I think Claire is going to die at some point, given the fact that Kate will eventually end up taking care of Aaron back on the mainland.  But, I don't expect her death to take place until the end of this season when the Oceanic 6 get off the island.  For one, Kate and Claire are in different areas of the island going into Thursday's episode and I don't see a realistic scenario in which Claire gets killed.  Yet. 


It's probably going to be either Sun or Jin who dies on Thursday.  I've got a bit of a crazy theory, so hear me out.  The episode is titled “Ji Yeon” which is said to be the name of Jin and Sun's as-yet unborn daughter.  It has been said that the Oceanic 6 will be fully revealed during Thursday's episode, and since the episode will feature Jin and Sun, it's likely that it will be a flash forward showing that Jin and Sun are the final two members of the Oceanic 6, probably living in Korea with their child.  So, where does the death come in?


Lost is always trying to change things up and surprise the viewers.  What if Sun died in the flash forward, as a result of island after-effects?  Or, what if she is sick of lying, gets ready to tell the truth, and one of the secret-keepers takes her out? 

That's my bold prediction: Sun will die in her flash forward. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: Lostpedia, TV Guide 
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