Lost: Where are Ben, Miles and Richard?
Lost: Where are Ben, Miles and Richard?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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I realize that the death of the best thing about Lost (Jin and Sun) is still rocking the world, and while I mourn quietly for Frank Lapidus, who is most likely dead unless he's as invincible as Mikhail, I can't help but think about another loss.  This other loss is one that I've felt for two long episodes and which needs to come to an end.  It's the loss of Ben, Miles and Richard from the show.

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Ever since splitting up from Jack's group at the end of "Everybody Loves Hugo," those three have been MIA on the Island.  With only three episodes and four and a half hours left, now is not the best time to go missing.

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Surely they have their own mission and I would be fascinated to see what they have cooking, but instead we're left wondering about their fate the same way we've been wondering about Desmond in the well for two episodes.  In a way, Lost hit the Pause button on those characters to focus on Flocke and Jack.

It feels like Lost has painted itself into a corner, stuck with a lot of plots to wrap up in a small amount of time, meaning some people are going to be short changed.  After several episodes leading up to boarding Ajira 316, they find it, leave it, get in the submarine and have that blow up, all in one episode.  And since the cast is at 14 people since Ilana was killed off, they decided to trim that down as well by killing off four characters in the span of one scene.

I hope I'm wrong, but I really think Lost has done a poor job mapping out this final season, because now these final episodes seem a bit rushed, like the writers need to pack 20 episodes worth of story into five hours of television.  The rapid and out-of-nowhere deaths of Sayid, Sun and Jin, three characters who've been there since the start, is proof that fans should hold onto their hats, because Lost has a lot to do and very little time.

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