Lost: What Will Season 5 Look Like? - Reader Reactions
Lost: What Will Season 5 Look Like? - Reader Reactions
Lost is a show of mysteries.  It's cruel, really, what us fans must go though in anticipation of Lost's mysteries being solved.  Imagine reading the best science fiction/mystery novel you've ever read, getting to the last chapter, only to have that novel yanked from your hands and taken hostage for seven months.  The biggest mystery for me as we take that long walk to the January 2009 season 5 premiere is how the writers will structure the story for season 5.  I addressed this issue in depth last week in an article (Lost: What Will Season 5 Look Like?), giving five possibilities as to how the writers might present season 5.  BuddyTV readers, in turn, responded with some of their own ideas.  Below you can find some of the best ideas, theories and suggestions.

CamaroHeed liked Option #5, and added a new twist, saying:

I think Season 5 will start with the O6 either finding the island or returning to it. Then the story between that point (the O6 returning) and them leaving (Season 4 finale) will be told in REVERSE. However, I think its also a possibility that at the same time, the island story will be told as normal (not in reverse). I think it would be a really cool way of telling both sides of the story. Maybe both sides will be in reverse, I don't know. This format is TOTALLY possible since everyone already knows the O6 will get back to the island (at some point).

g8rfan also liked the “Season 5 begins with the O6 returning to the island idea:”

They might as well start off with them coming back to the island (present day) because we already know they're going to anyway. Then fill us in with flashbacks. That way, off-island stuff with Ben, Widmore and Penny can be shown concurrently. Everyone gets an opportunity for flashbacks this way.

lovembig brings up the important issue of Claire, and how her disappearance could make sense:

i think they get back to the island in the first episode of season 6. this way they can spend the season showing flash backs as to how they got back to the island and also have all the storylines that go on on the island without it seeming forced. also this would make it easier to not have Claire's character on the show much. her name will be mentioned a lot probably.

80sPro also liked the fifth option, and makes some good practical points that the writers are surely thinking about:

It's like season one all over again; we see them "land" or whatever on the Island and then "flash back" to how they managed to convince the rest of the O6 to join them. We'd also flash back to Island life as well. I don't think an "all Island episode/all O6 episode" structure would work. It's totally against formula for this show, and could get old fast. Not to mention there are people who like to have "fixes" of their faves and start to balk when it's a Kate-centered epi (eg). So I am strongly advocating for option 5. It could be really exciting.

brytiahp has a very practical take, and one that I think will probably be the most likely of actually occurring:

it seems like story-wise, it would make sense to have the main timeline happening around "island time", but with most of the action happening on the mainland. this would allow for diversions to the island for part of the story, and give us the flash forwards from those on the mainland that explain how Jack gets the six to go back.

g8rfan has an idea as to how season 5 might begin:

I think Jin will wash up on the island before the boat explodes. Just like the dead freighter doctor did a full day before he was killed. He may suffer a "sickness" as a result.

CamaroHeed is back, this time with an idea as to how season five might begin:

I think Faraday picks up Jin right after the freighter explodes. Jin gets into the raft, and then the island disappears. I believe everything within the electromagnetic field/bubble moved with the island, and that includes Faraday, his raft, and most likely Jin. I have a feeling that they will drastically change the story telling technique next season, as they have done in each season so far. I think Season 5 could start out as the O6 are either finding the island or getting back to it. We all know its going to happen, so there is no harm in starting the story there. However, I think from that point on, they will tell the story IN REVERSE all the way until the point when the O6 leave the island. I think it would be very cool to see that story unfold in reverse...

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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