Lost: Videos of Lilly, Fox and Holloway on Kimmel
Lost: Videos of Lilly, Fox and Holloway on Kimmel
The actors of Lost live a decidedly different life than most TV actors.  Living in Hawaii, working in the jungle, being a part of a series that is incredibly unique and ground-breaking – it sounds like a whole lot of fun.  The isolation that Hawaii brings requires a certain Hollywood personality, someone who doesn't crave the “Hollywood life” and is perfectly content hanging out with the family or cast and crew members.  There are no premieres to attend at night, no parties in Malibu, no nights out at the new trendy club.  Over the past week, Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway and Evangeline Lilly all appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in anticipation of the Lost two-hour finale, which will air one week from today.  Regardless of these three actors' interview prowess, it's difficult not find them all exceedingly likable. 

Down-to-earth is a phrase that can aptly describe this trio of actors.  The two dudes, Fox and Holloway, both seem a bit uncomfortable doing interviews, which is fine.  Most talk show interviews are awkward anyways.  Having Lost actors on Jimmy Kimmel is a nice treat, however, because Kimmel himself is a Lost fanatic.  Here are the YouTube videos of each interview. 

Evangeline Lilly:

What's not to like about Lilly?  She's pretty funny, and has no problem wolfing down a sandwich on national television.  Or, dropping a nicely placed F-bomb.  I'm surprised Lilly hasn't done more work outside of Lost.  It's a weird thing for a somewhat famous actress to only be known for one singular character.

Josh Holloway:

Apparently, Holloway is notoriously weary of doing interviews.  Nothing against him, but you can kind of see why.  He didn't appear very comfortable.  That's fine – seems like a nice guy, regardless.

Matthew Fox:

Like the other two, Fox is a laid-back person, without any of the ego you expect from high-paid actors. 

All in all, not a whole lot of new Lost information here.  Holloway's behavior made it abundantly clear that Sawyer will not be killed in next week's finale, and will instead remain on the island for season 5. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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