'Lost' Video Sneak Peeks: Hurley Needs A Lady (And A Reassurance)
'Lost' Video Sneak Peeks: Hurley Needs A Lady (And A Reassurance)
ABC's just released two preview clips for next week's Lost, simply titled "Everybody Loves Hugo"--because one, altverse Hurley's the "luckiest person in the world", and two, this episode is all about him.

The first clip is in the altverse, with Hurley pulling off a Desmond: successful, single, and not willing to be tied up. And then there's his mom, who's bent on changing things for him. Let's just call her his Charlie.

I'm guessing things won't go well with that Rosalinda girl, and Libby will slowly come into the picture... you're getting this, right?

The second clip brings us back to the Island, and to Team Jacob's plans to destroy the Ajira plane to prevent Flocke from getting out. But, as it was in the past few weeks, it's Hurley who's disagreeing.

Ahh, more words of wisdom from Hurley. Although sometimes I do wonder what else he knows, since he can talk with all these dead people... what do you think?

(Image courtesy of ABC)