'Lost' Video Sneak Peek: Why John Locke?
'Lost' Video Sneak Peek: Why John Locke?
Here's the first clip off next week's Lost episode, named "The Last Recruit", one where we pretty much see the effects of Locke's camp and Jack's camp merging. It's also the same episode where we're all supposed to go, "so Widmore's the enemy now?"

This clip features Jack and Locke, having a good chat for the first time since the latter's death. Well, technically Jack isn't talking to Locke, but he surely has questions for whoever's taking his form--besides, the last time they met, Locke was a corpse and Jack didn't want to read his suicide note. Unfortunately for us, Locke isn't exactly telling Jack anything new.

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Well, new to Jack, yes. What do you make of Locke's explanation? What will Jack do after that? Will it provide for harmony, or just make all that dormant tension fly?

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