'Lost' Video Sneak Peek: Sawyer Feels Guilty
'Lost' Video Sneak Peek: Sawyer Feels Guilty
Here's the second preview clip from next week's Lost episode, "What They Died For." The unusual thing about this clip is that it is also set in the original timeline, unlike previous episodes where there is always a clip set in the alternate timeline. For an episode that promises to make sense of those sideways flashes this is a bit unusual.

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But at least it means we really are going to get some answers to those flashes.

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Anyway, this clip features Jack and Sawyer, who are still reeling from the attack at the sub and still looking for the well where Desmond is. And Sawyer's not feeling so good after that bomb explosion that killed Sun, Jin and Sayid (and maybe Lapidus too):

Aww, Sawyer, don't feel so bad. Not even the Smoke Monster can be so certain he's following the rules, right?

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(Image courtesy of ABC)