'Lost' Video Sneak Peek: Jack Goes Rogue, Sort Of
'Lost' Video Sneak Peek: Jack Goes Rogue, Sort Of
Here's the first preview clip from next week's Lost episode, named "The Candidate", and it seems Jack is really going rogue from this episode on. He jumps off Sawyer's boat and virtually joins Locke's gang, all because he wants to fulfill his destiny on the Island. (Edit: Yes, I wrote Jack Bauer earlier. My mistake.)

And in this clip, Jack pushes his intentions further. Locke, of course, still wants off the Island, and with Sawyer's people captured by Widmore's folk he can't leave--they have to be complete, of course. But is Jack willing to have any of it?

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I imagine Locke has two options: rescue the rest of the survivors from Widmore himself, or yield to Jack's insistence. Which way will he go?

(Image courtesy of ABC)

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