LOST - Tricia Tanaka is Dead Recap
LOST - Tricia Tanaka is Dead Recap
The natural reaction to this episode is first to ask, “Who the hell is Tricia Tanaka?” LOST’s return to the beach is a perplexingly funny Hurley-centric episode that also marks a return to the most allegorical of LOST styles. “Tricia Tanaka is Dead” has a deceptively simple subtext that permeates its flashback sequence as well as the island real-time: when you make your own luck, you make your own hope.

Interestingly enough, the primary symbol for this LOST’s subtext is the automobile. Te be more specific, derelict automobiles. In Hurley’s flashback it’s an old Camaro he has been trying to get started since he was a child. In real time, it is the mysterious Dharma van Hurley finds in the woods, with the help of a returning cast member… Vincent.

So just who the heck is Tricia Tanaka? Tricia is a hapless news reporter who made the mistake of doing a piece on recent Lottery winner Hurley. Turns out Hurley bought the Mr. Clucks chicken shack he was working at when he won the lottery, and somebody found that news worthy. She finds Hurley to be a a poor interview subject, mostly because he is obsessed with the curse. She goes into Clucks for some interior shots and the place gets leveled by a meteorite.

The flashback centers mostly around Hurley’s deadbeat father returning after seven-teen years to make some ill witted attempts at grabbing some of Hurley’s stash. As time goes on, however, we find that Hurley’s dad has some important lessons. Among them, ‘make your own luck’. It’s something that resonates through the present day happenings as well. Hurley is determined to get the van running to prove that ‘making your own luck’ can bring hope to everyone, even Charlie.

Meanwhile, Kate and Sawyer return and Kate is completely intent on rescuing Jack. She fills in Sayid and Locke briefly before trudging off into the jungle to find “help”.

The Dharma van is full of tiny reveals. A blueprint for a Dharma road, some scattered memos, and a corpse named Roger “Work Man” who Sawyer theorizes was the Dharma janitor. There’s even Dharma beer.

In the flashback, Hurley gives up on creating his own luck, and instead chases his curse to Australia, and we know what happens from there. In present day, he makes a death defying attempt to get the van started and succeeds.

You might think this episode is purely fun, but in the end, Kate finally runs into her help in the Jungle, Danielle. She tells Danielle that she has found Alex. Needless to say, Danielle is on board.

Pure fun? Not entirely. Excellent LOST? Most definitely.