Lost: Three New Video Clips From "He's Our You"
Lost: Three New Video Clips From "He's Our You"
Lost has always required some thought in order to make sense of some of its twists and turns. But the Alphabet Network serial returns tonight with an episode whose very name demands careful analysis. “He’s Our You.” Who is he? Who is our - or, should I say, who is we? Who we is? Who we are? Who is you? Oh, and who’s our you? Or is that implied by the other answers?

In order to crack the most mysterious code since season one we could put a team of linguists, a team of Lost theorists and a team of monkeys banging on typewriters in a room and see what they come up with. But they would only be guessing. Alternatively we could simply watch the new clips from tonight’s new episode of Lost.

In the first clip young Ben Linus returns to Sayid’s cell to bring him his daily meal. Appropriate to the period it appears to be a single slice of bologney with two pieces of Wonder Bread. This is purely speculation on my part - and not a confirmed fact - but there is probably also a white piece of Iceberg lettuce, a squirt of French’s mustard and some too much Heinz ketchup in there. But since Sayid’s guards are secretly on his side they might have been nice enough to spare him the ketchup. Perhaps we’ll find out tonight.

Young Ben, as part of his geeky-gawky weirdness, speaks in a monotone without moving his lips much. I think he should date the girl in the cell phone commercial who tells her dad Kimmie’s grandma thinks he’s “super delicious.” Take a look.

In the second clip LaFleur sees his carefully constructed world continue to implode with a little help from his friends, driving what will presumably become the central conflict of the second half. The common analogy would be to Sawyer having carefully built a house of cards at the DHARMA Initiative but I can think of an analogy that hits closer to home. Have you ever written a really long email only for the browser to crash or the email program to a hit a bug? Wasn’t that annoying? Now imagine writing that email for three years only to have Sayid come in and trip over the power cord? That’s how annoyed Sawyer has to feel.

In the third clip we find out exactly who the he is who’s their them. You know how kids sometimes hide behind the couch to watch scary grown up TV shows? Well, I think they’re going to have trouble finding a spot tonight. Not with their parents hiding back there.

Tonight’s episode looks like it’s going to be a really interesting one and not just because of the remedial grammar lesson.

-Henry Jenkins, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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