'Lost': When You Cease To Be Alone
'Lost': When You Cease To Be Alone
The Lost series finale is almost here, and nothing's clear to me yet, even though this week's episode put everyone where they ought to be for the final showdown.

For one, Jack is the new Jacob. Ben is the new Richard, provided the latter went to the Smoke Monster's side early on. And Locke--Smocke, Flocke, whatever--is out to destroy the Island, so the Light goes out and everything else goes with it.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains discussion on spoilers regarding the series finale.  Stop reading if you don't want to be spoiled.

Over on the alternate timeline, Desmond is busy inviting and transporting his VIPs to this concert. So Daniel's performing, and if things aren't going awry, Charlie is too. Hurley's coming and he's with Sayid. Kate's coming with Desmond. Jack is conveniently coming with his son and his ex, who should be Juliet or else. And maybe he's coming with Claire, too. Miles will be there since it's his dad's museum. Charlotte will be there since she works there. I don't know about Sawyer, Sun, Jin and Locke, and I don't understand why Ana Lucia wouldn't be ready.

And then, when they're all together, they all start remembering their lives on the Island and... should it all end in a snap? Like, voila, the two timelines are together?

I'm thinking about the finale call sheet again -- specifically, about the scene where Desmond supposedly goes into the cave with Jack and is enveloped with light and all that. So I supposed they still have to use the failsafe because Jack and Locke are in a stalemate. I just wonder which of the two sides get the full benefit of the failsafe. Or maybe Desmond is acting for himself. Heck, he's got a plan ready on the other side. And then, voila, the two timelines are all together.

I've only been watching Lost for less than a year, but I'm now starting to doubt myself when an idea as plausible as this occurs to me that easily.

For one, I still don't know how the timelines were split. We initially thought it was the Jughead explosion at the end of the fifth season, but right now I don't think that's the case. It's just an explosion on a pocket of electromagnetic energy. Taking into account everything that we know--and the idea that Sun and Jin are now happy despite their deaths on the submarine a few weeks back--that timeline should've been there way before, if only as a possible outcome if the Island winds up underwater but the Light isn't out.

But how we get there probably won't be as significant compared to what will happen when everything is synthesized. Once the end result pops up, what happens to everybody?

I guess the answer is, as Jacob hinted at earlier, they won't be "alone" anymore. The Island doesn't have to be there to fill a void in their lives. But I'm not so sure about that myself either.

150 minutes. It couldn't come any sooner. And still it wouldn't be enough.

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