Lost that LOST Feeling? Five Picks To Keep you in LOST State of Mind
Lost that LOST Feeling? Five Picks To Keep you in LOST State of Mind
DocArzt from thetailsection.com here. LOST hiatus got your weird center feeling a little malnourished? Fear not! Doc is here to save the day with five shows guaranteed to revitalize your sense of unreality, cast you into a perilous search for understanding, and give you a little of what I like to call 'the LOST state of mind'. Before long, it'll be like LOST never left the air, you'll be rapt with the trials and tribulations of characters overcoming strange locales, vast conspiracies, battling mysterious strangers, and doing what it takes to stay alive.
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What I've done is selected STRICTLY shows that are no longer on the air. I did this I know LOST fans have voracious appetites and at a time like this, with so little LOST to keep us occupied we need as much stimulation as possible. So these choices, I predict, will appeal to LOST fans, satisfy LOST cravings, and most of all are readily available in mass quantity. Let's face it, after nearly a month off, we need entertainment. STAT. I didn't go for the obvious (Twilight Zone, X-files, etc), instead I went for the stuff you might not have heard of. Of course, anybody who has already watched all this stuff is welcome to come over to my house for coffee and TV talk. I haven't done the math, but I'm nearly willing to bet that if you have seen none of these shows, or watched any of these movies, and you do so, you will magically find yourself transported to February 7th. Most of these are short run, serialized dramas which solve their primary mystery before they are done. Some are old, some are contemporary, all are awesome. So let's begin shall we?
LOST Alternative #1: The Prisoner

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