LOST Starved? Relief is a Click Away
LOST Starved?  Relief is a Click Away
If the LOST hunger-pangs have become unbearable, relief is in site. Doc Jensen at Entertainment Weekly has returned from hiatus and is ready to pump you up with theories of a variety you can't miss! Read on for info on how you can pose your most burning question to the producers of LOST!
In Jeff "Doc" Jensen's latest LOST centric article he opens the floor to the fans in two regards. One, he is throwing out a survey. What do you think the state of LOST is? Second, he wants to know your most burning LOST questions, and if it is intriguing enough he'll pose it to LOST producers Lindelof and Cuse later this month! Here's a brief rundown of some of the theories Doc J. Posted this morning: THEORY! The Orientation Films aren't tutorials for Dharma Initiative participants, nor are they elements in an elaborate psychology experiment. Rather, they are intended to mislead anyone who stumbles upon the island about what really happened on the island during the Dharma years, and perhaps even obscure the true nature of the island itself. THEORY! There is (or was) a connection between the psychic intercom in Jack's Hydra Station cell and the prohibition against using the computer in The Swan for communication purposes. THEORY! There is a connection -- perhaps merely thematic, perhaps more than thematic -- between Lost and the classic Christian hymn, ''Amazing Grace.' For the complete description of where Doc J is going with all of this, give him a visit here.