'Lost' Star Terry O'Quinn to Headline 'Masters of Science Fiction'
'Lost' Star Terry O'Quinn to Headline 'Masters of Science Fiction'
Lost star Terry O'Quinn, who received an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of mystical survivalist John Locke, will headline this weekend's latest episode of Masters of Science Fiction.  ABC has been receiving some friction from critics for placing the short run anthology in the curious Saturday 10pm time slot.  The series features stories adapted from legendary science fiction authors, directed by genre heavies, star an ensemble of veteran actors, and is narrated by the smartest man on the planet, Stephen Hawkings.
With such an ensemble, particularly after the widely well received premiere episode last week, ABC should be considering putting this gem in a more noticeable time slot.  There is still plenty of time to give Masters of Science Fiction some prime time notoriety before the new fall season starts.

For Lost fans, this Saturday's episode, “The Awakening,” will be a rare opportunity to see their favorite actors in action before they return to the island in February.  In this episode, O'Quinn plays a military man dealing with an unusual casualty from the Iraq war, one that can not be identified as human.

The episode also features cult favorite William B. Davis, the nefarious Cigarette Smoking Man from X-Files, as the president of the United States.  The creature itself seems to be a vessel for change on earth, and not necessarily good change, as you might expect.

The Masters of Science Fiction series was originally supposed to be a six episode run, but in  addition to phobically isolating the show to the desolation of Saturday night ABC has canned two episodes, cutting the show to four episodes.  If the name of the series rings a bell, it is because The Masters of Horror folks are also behind this similarly themed show.  Obviously, the intent of reaching a wider commercial audience with this product turned out to be a losing gamble. 

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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