LOST Star Matthew Fox Unveils Speed Racer
LOST Star Matthew Fox Unveils Speed Racer
LOST star  Matthew Fox appeared at a press conference this week to unveil the geek-friendly design of the nearly mythical Mach Five speedster from the upcoming feature film version of Speed Racer. Written and Directed by the legendary Wachowski brothers, the $100million dollar live action adaptation of the popular cartoon will feature Fox as the enigmatic ‘Racer X,’ foil to the shows eponymous lead characters Speed.

Speed Racer is one of the earliest Japanese Animes to achieve widespread commercial success in the United States.  Known in its native land as ‘Mach Go Go Go,’ Speed Racer originally debuted in Japanese Manga circles, the equivalent of the United States comic scene.  The series was quickly adapted into anime and snapped up a few years later by distributors in the USA who quickly went to work renaming the characters and reshaping ‘Mach Go Go Go’ into the iconoclastic “Speed Racer” known around the world.

Matthew Fox looked decidedly different from how LOST fans saw him in the recent finale to LOST’s third season.  His usual stubble has been smoothly shaved away, and his hair has been dyed a deep shade of black.  While fans not familiar with the original Speed Racer series are anticipating seeing the usually heroic Fox play a bad guy, Speed Racer fans who know the history of the character are challenged with holding back one of the stories biggest twists.

At the press conference, which was held in Germany, LOST's Fox spoke of the energy at work behind the project.  “I just went in and met with Larry and Andy and they just pretty much blew me away with the way they talked about the picture, and about what they were wanting to do with it.”

On his character, Fox told the press in attendance “Racer X is fairly mysterious and enigmatic character. I can’t give away too much, obviously, about who he is and how he fits into the series, but I’ve never been as excited to be a part of a project as I am on this. It’s something I’m thrilled to be a part of.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
- Images and quotes source Reuters
- Speedracer Information sourced from Wikipedia