'Lost' Star Harold Perrineau Polishing his Chops on CSI
'Lost' Star Harold Perrineau Polishing his Chops on CSI
Former Oz star Harold Perrineau may be returning to Lost when the show returns, but impatient fans can get a glimpse of his acting chops in next week's episode of CSI, “Go To Hell.”  Perrineau will play Rev. Rhodes in the creepy episode involving devil worship.  Strangely enough, Perrineau had co-starred as an evil fighting priest in the so far unaired horror pilot “Demons,” which CBS had passed on, fortuitously paving the way for Perrineau to return to ABC.

Perrineau is not the only Lost actor to be on the eyeball network,  Nestor Carbonell who played the character of Richard Alpert during season 3 is currently co-starring on Cane.  That show, while produced by ABC, is for the time being tying up Carbonell from making any commitments to appear on Lost.  Then again, the mere announcement of a Carbonell appearance on Lost may be considered by some to be a block buster since the last we knew Alpert was leading what remained of “The Others” to a mysterious temple.

Perrineau, on the other hand, is only doing a one shot with CSI, in contrast to the potential long term contract that Demons could have required.  Had he signed with Demons, Michael's return to Lost may have been delayed as well.

Not much has surfaced about how Perrineau's character will be involved in the episode.  The mystery will center around the murder of an entire family save for one daughter who is thought to have been possessed by the devil.  A little speculation may summon thoughts of similar real life cases where over zealous priests have convinced parishioners that they were possessed, and even resorted to acts of sabotage and violence to prove it.

The episode will air next Thursday on CBS.  No photography of the episode featuring Perrineau was available at press time, but we'll update with a pic or two if something becomes available.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of ABC)