'Lost' Spoilers: Shedding Light on the Finale Call Sheet
'Lost' Spoilers: Shedding Light on the Finale Call Sheet
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Two weeks ago I wrote about a call sheet from the series finale of Lost that was leaked onto the Internet.  At the time, it detailed specific scenes and locations that were a bit confusing, but after watching "Across the Sea," the spoilers make a lot more sense.

SPOILER WARNING: Do not read if you want to remain unspoiled for the Lost series finale.

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In the call sheets, there are details about Hurley, Ben and Locke lowering both Desmond and Jack into a cavern by a waterfall.  Obviously these scenes are most likely the same magical cave Jacob is in charge of protecting.

The call sheet also refers to the place Jack lands as "Hell" and suggests that the Light of Life will go out and then return.  It's clear that whatever mystical source of energy comes from this light will be very important in the final endgame.

"Across the Sea" introduced us to what the entire series of Lost was about, finally, and now it's just a matter of time until the remaining survivors head there.  However, since the death of several characters in "The Candidate," more questions can be raised.

The call sheet doesn't mention Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Miles or Richard, perhaps suggesting that we're not done with major characters being killed off.  Are they also at the magical cave and just not mentioned in this call sheet, are they somewhere else, or are they going to be dead by the end of the series?

Whatever the answers are, it's a certainty that whatever happens inside the cave with the Light of Life will be the most important part of the series finale.

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