LOST Season Three Finale Quick Thoughts
LOST Season Three Finale Quick Thoughts
LOST season finales are expected to leave us with twists that will keep us scratching our heads as to what will come next.  As far as the third season finale is concerned, tonight’s “Through the Looking Glass” was no exception, yet there were further implications.  After tonight’s shocking ending, we’re not just left to wonder what we saw, we’re left in doubt of just how LOST will continue when it returns eight long months from now!  We can only hope that the context of what we have seen will be given between now and then, and if you do not know what I’m talking about, just wait until you hear it!

The finale picked up where “Greatest Hits” left off, which sort of makes this unofficially a three-hour finale. Since there are three basic threads to cover I’ll give you a little perspective on each.

First, the Charlie situation.  I also like to call this the Obi-Wan Kenobi segment.  Star Wars geeks will know exactly what I mean, but essentially this is reminiscent of the scene in A New Hope when Obi Wan went to turn off the tractor beam so the rest could escape.  He evaded danger shrewdly, only to meet up with his rival Darth Vader who ultimately cut him down.   The Charlie situation is very much like this.   Mikhail shows up and starts shooting at Desmond, who is forced to swim down to the looking glass.  He hides, gets a spear gun, and takes out Mikhail who was in the process of killing the girls in the hatch.   However, as Charlie is completing his duties, Mikhail pops up outside with a grenade in his hand.    Just before that he had received a transmission from Penny and she says she did not send a boat.  Charlie closes the door so Des will not drown, but he writes "Not Penny's boat" on his hand and holds it up to the portal.

The ambush does not go entirely well.  Sayid and Bernard are able to hit their targets and cause some major damage, but Jin misses his mark and has to come out and try to pick the remaining others off one by one.   Jin comes out to try to take them on one by one but is forced to give up and the three are captured.

Ben, meanwhile, sends his others off to “The Temple.” And plans on intercepting Jack’s expedition.  When he does, Sawyer and Juliet, and secretly Hurley, have slipped back to the beach.  Ben offers a truce.  Give him the satellite phone and he will release the hostages.  He says Naomi is not who she says she is, and will bring people to the island that will kill everyone on it.  Jack refuses, Ben orders the hostages shot if he does not radio within a minute.  Time ticks away, but Jack still refuses.  We hear the shots over the radio; Jack beats the hell out of Ben, but does not realize that the shooting was bluff.  Ben is obviously making this up as he goes along.

Locke, meanwhile, finds that he is paralyzed again.  He finds a gun on one of the Dharma corpses and is going to kill himself when Walt appears and tells him he can move again.   Low and behold he does, and Walt disappears before Locke has a chance to ask him WTF he is doing there.

Meanwhile Sawyer and Juliet show up on the beach, unarmed, and it doesn’t look good until Hurley comes out of the jungle in the Dharma van and runs everybody over.

Jack’s party arrives at the tower, Naomi is about to make the call, and Locke shows up and kills her.  He threatens to shoot Jack if he makes the call, but Jack calls his bluff.  It ends with John pulling back into the jungle and help (?) on its way.

Of course this is all very suspenseful to watch and can’t be done justice on the printed page.  Exhilarating action from beginning to end.  Now about that game changer?  Well, like a good LOST stall tactic, we’re going to make you wait, just a little while longer.  That is so huge, it deserves its own article.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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