LOST Season Three Death Pool
LOST Season Three Death Pool
As the third season LOST comes to an end rumors of a major Character death are beginning to surface.  With the early expiration of Mr. Eko the bulk of LOST season three has been fairly death-free with regards to characters with any street cred, but with Desmond's proclamation that Charlie would soon die - backed by a future flash - it would seem at least one death is certain.  Here's what we know about who's staying and who's going.

First of all, does there even need to be a death?  Now that LOST has developed this morbid expectation from its fans maybe it is time for them to really surprise us and avoid playing the death card altogether.  According to LOST co-creator Damon Lindelof, there is no chance of giving the LOST characters, or the fans, a respite from death this season.  Lindelof told USAToday "The finale will culminate in a fairly cool showdown between our survivors and the Others, and lives will be lost on both sides."

Yes that is 'lives' plural.  On the others side of things is there anybody really notable aside from Tom, Ben, and Juliet?  I'm anticipating some of the secondary others such as Mikhail, Alpert, and Pryce to buy it.   Karl is a good possibility as well since he was at least partially brainwashed back into the Other's point of view when Sawyer sent him packing.

As far as Ben, that would just be crazy, wouldn't it?  First of all, the show would be giving up one of its best actors and a relatively new fan favorite.  The trend in the past has been to get rid of either unpopular characters or actors who are difficult to work with (we won't go there.)  So despite the rumors to the contrary,  I'm not going there with Ben.  It would seem, really, that his story is just getting started.

On the 815r side of things there is nothing but difficult choices.  One thing that has been revealed for certain is that there will be a major character death in the finale and that person is not Charlie.  It is thought that Charlie will die in episode 21 as Dominic Monaghan has already said that his character will figure into the finale, even if it is not physically (from E!Online.)

The only expendable characters on the 815r side of things are Bernard, Rose, and the parachutist, Naomi, if you count her among the beach dwellers.   Why they would bring Bernard or Rose back just for a quick kill is beyond me, and their deaths would hardly be a shock worthy of a finale.  The bitter pill here is that somebody we love dearly is going to die.

So far the facts we know are that Jack and Locke will have a show down.  Kate will find herself having to choose sides between Jack and Sawyer.  The finale is the third flashback of Jack this season.  With so much of the narrative focused around these characters it almost seems like the death of anybody else would be outside the sphere of emotion.

With his movie career continuing to flourish and his character's story having been told, it seems a safe bet we will be seeing Matthew Fox's Jack being killed off.   What do you think?  How would it impact your enjoyment of the show if Jack got killed off?  Do you have a theory about who you think it might be?

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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