Lost: Season 6 Episode Guide
Lost: Season 6 Episode Guide
Well, here we are. Lost season 6. The last one, in fact. It's been five years of convoluted craziness, of one story track after another, those sudden turns, the many questions left behind, and the many questions yet to come. We started from surviving a plane crash and went on to wonder about an island's inhabitants, and now we're talking about time travel--and apparently we can undo the past and start over again.

Lots of questions, of course, as Lost season 6 rolls along. Did the bomb work? Are we starting over again? What will the show be all about now? What the heck is the end game? Are we even asking the right questions? Well, come along, fellow Lostie, as us here at BuddyTV have loads of stuff to help you make sense (or perhaps the opposite) of Lost season 6. Everything you'd need is right below, and perhaps a little bit more.


Episodes 6.1/6.2: "LA X"
The impact of Juliet detonating Jughead is revealed. Did it reset time like Jack thought, or did it destroy the Island and everyone in it?
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Watch the First 4 Minutes of Lost Season 6 NOW
Video: Watch Two More Clips from "LA X"
New Lost Promo: "Why Is My Name Written Down On This?" And Other Questions
The Lost Flash Sideways: What's the Use of Stories That Aren't Even True?
Lost Alternate Timeline: It's Just Delaying the Inevitable
16 NEW Questions Raised by the Lost Altverse
Where is the Smoke Monster's "Home"?

Episode 6.3: "What Kate Does"
Kate finds herself on the run again, and Dogen gives Jack a difficult task that could threaten a friend.
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Video: What Kate Does (To Claire)
Video: So What Happened To Sayid?
For Now, It's Everybody Else vs. The Infection
The Lost Water Cooler: One of the Worst Episodes Ever?
A Tale of Two Claires

Episode 6.4: "The Substitute"
Locke reveals his true intentions and looks for other people who will help him in his cause.
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Video: Locke's Stuck In A Box, Again
Video: "Why Are You On This Island?"
A Twisted Game, Or A Way To Regain Balance?
How Does Ben Fit Into The Lost Altverse?

Episode 6.5: "Lighthouse"
Hurley and Jack head out on an unspecified mission, and Jin learns more about Claire's intentions on the Island.
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Video: A Kick-Ass Claire Takes Getting Used To
Video: Christian's Will Is Missing
And The Missing Piece Off Team Jacob Is...
One Answer, A Million Questions

Episode 6.6: "Sundown"
Sayid is forced to make a difficult decision, and Claire sends a warning to the Temple and its inhabitants.
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Video: Sayid Learns A Little Bit More, And...
Video: Finally, The Reunion
Revisiting Lost's Last Supper: They Have Picked Sides... Or Have They?

Episode 6.7: "Dr. Linus"
Ben deals with the discovery of his involvement in Jacob's death, and Jack and Hurley find out more about Richard's origins.
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Video: Teacher Ben Knows What He's Talking About
Spineless in the Sideways
Is Charles Widmore Jacob's Man?
ABC Should Stop Spoiling Lost

Episode 6.8: "Recon"
Locke reveals his plans for leaving the Island, and sends Sawyer on a mission, as Claire confronts Kate about Aaron.
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Video: Claire and Kate, The Odd Couple
Video: Whoops, Sawyer Miss
Is It Really Desmond In That Locked Sub Door?
Will Aaron and Ji Yeon Figure In Any Way?

Episode 6.9: "Ab Aeterno"
Richard's past before arriving to the Island is revealed as he ponders a difficult decision.
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Video: So, I'm A Candidate, And Then What?
With These Answers, Can We Finally Figure Out What Lost Is All About?
Jacob vs. The Man in Black: Who's Good and Who's Evil?

Episode 6.10: "The Package"
Locke confronts Widmore, as Sun and Jin continue to look for each other.
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Video: Who Feels Nothing? As In Absolutely Nothing?
Questions Without Answers: Jin and Sun
Why Desmond?

Episode 6.11: "Happily Ever After"
Desmond wakes up to discover he's back on the Island.
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Video: Desmond in the Altverse
Video: Welcome Back to the Island, Des
Questions Without Answers: Desmond
Rethinking Lost: The Character Drama vs The Sci-Fi-Ish Series

Episode 6.12: "Everybody Loves Hugo"

Locke deals with the arrival of Desmond to his camp, and Hurley decides to bring his group to the other side.
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Video: Hurley Needs A Lady (And A Reassurance)
Questions Without Answers: Hurley
What's Desmond's End Game?

Episode 6.13: "The Last Recruit"
As Locke and Jack's camps merge, Sawyer begins his escape, and Jack decides to pursue his destiny on the Island.
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Video: Why John Locke?
Video: They're Remembering Things!
Questions Without Answers: The Alternate Universe
The Emancipation of the Oceanic 815 Survivors
Where is Frank Lapidus in the Altverse?
Who is the Mother of Jack's Son?
Thinking About Lost's End Game Again, With Extra Hell Added

Episode 6.14: "The Candidate"
As the survivors attempt to escape the Island, Locke's ultimate plan is revealed.
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Video: Jack Goes Rogue, Sort Of
Video: A Candidate For What?
Sad Endings for Happy Endings
Where Are Ben, Miles and Richard?

Episode 6.15: "Across the Sea"
Locke's real motives are revealed as we look back to the past of Jacob and the Man in Black.
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Videos: Once Upon a Time on an Island Far, Far Away...
Questions Without Answers: Jacob and the Man in Black
What Is The Smoke Monster?

Episode 6.16: "What They Died For"
Jack and the gang continue their search for Desmond, as Locke goes after them.
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Video: Jacob Wants Something Back
Video: Sawyer Feels Guilty
When You Cease To Be Alone

Episodes 6.17/6.18: "The End"
Jack and Locke face off, as Desmond's plan to bring the Oceanic survivors together pay off.
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Video: A Clip from the Series Finale
Video: The Well is Empty. Oh Well...
Questions We Need Answered for the Series Finale
What Went Down on Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha to Lost

Questions We Need Answered for the Series Finale
Red Carpet Photos from 'Lost' Live: The Final Celebration
Questions Without Answers: Jacob and the Man in Black
Questions Without Answers: The Alternate Universe
Questions Without Answers: Hurley
Questions Without Answers: Desmond
Questions Without Answers: Jin and Sun
The Meaning or Mirrors on Lost
Keeping the Island Alive: 16 Lost'Spin-Off Ideas
Lost: 100 Funniest Sawyer Nicknames
Lost: 100 Off-Island Connections
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28 Lost Crossover Ideas

Lost's Series Finale Countdown
To mark the end of Lost, we list down the best, the worst, and the most memorable of the past six seasons.
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We count down the best moments from each of Lost's major characters, in anticipation of the sixth season premiere.
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Getting Lost

This bunch of articles followed a Lost newbie's attempt to watch all five seasons for the first time. It goes without saying he was successful, sort of.
Week 1: An Introduction and the First Six Episodes
Week 2: I Want My Australian Accent Back!
Week 3: The Week I Felt Like Locke
Week 4: All These Numbers Are Giving Me A Headache
Week 5: I Tried So Hard, Shannon, But I Can't Seem To Like You
Week 6: "I Guess It's All Relative Now, Huh?"
Week 7: The Science of Going in Circles
Week 8: You Know, Like in Cartoons, When You Watch Too Much and Your Eyes Swell?
Week 9: Can You Help Me Untangle This One, Brother?
Week 10: Killing Charlie Softly and Other Destiny-Related Issues
Week 11: If Anything Goes Wrong, I'm Dead
Week 12: An Assault On The Senses
Week 13: Someone's Bending A Lot of Rules To Get Here
Week 14: Correct Questions, Wrong Equations, Bigger Problems
Week 15: Insert Coin To Play Again

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