'Lost' Season 4 Promo Secret Message?
'Lost' Season 4 Promo Secret Message?
This past weekend, a promo for Lost celebrating the anniversary of the crash of Oceanic flight 815 aired on ABC.  The promo itself is unspectacular.   Text over rolling surf.  No new footage.  No return date.  Nothing of any extreme consequence.  Or is there?   Eagle eyed fans noticed something hidden in the final frame of the promo.  A message from ABC's marketing department? Read on for the promo and some speculation on what this latest Lost easter egg may mean.

Here you can see the promo yourself below.  In the end is the blink and you'll miss it moment.  A single frame with the number 6 visible.  It could be an artifact from an old promo attached to that footage, or it could have legitimate meaning.  Here is some speculation on what the number 6 might mean to lost fans.

For starters, consider that February 6th is a Wednesday, which has been Lost day for three seasons now.  There have been rumors that Lost was returning on the 4th at 8pm.  If the 6 is meant to be a hint that Lost is returning to Wednesday,  the question still remains as to what time it will air.

Another possibility altogether is that the 6 is just the beginning, the first clue in a serious of clues that will eventually lead to a piece of information.

Of course, there is always the possibility it is a mistake.  The digit definitely looks like it could be a member of the font family used to render the Lost logo.  But then again, Lost fans are known for their over active imaginations. 

With the months passing quicker than ever, and Lost's Season 3 DVD close to release, it's not entirely unthinkable that ABC may be beginning to get its feet wet in promoting the monolithic franchise.  Time will tell.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image from ABC)