Lost: Season 4 Premiere, "The Beginning of the End" Reader Reactions
Lost: Season 4 Premiere, "The Beginning of the End" Reader Reactions
The Lost season 4 premiere, “The Beginning of the End,” aired on Thursday night and fans can't stop talking about it.  The beauty of Lost (or, if you're a hater, the worst thing about the series) is that one single episode can answer a bunch of questions while simultaneously raising countless new ones.  On Thursday, we learned that there is an Oceanic 6 and they are all famous.  We learned that Hurley gets off the island.  Naomi dies, Jack isn't depressed and bearded immediately after getting back home, and that a man who looks suspiciously like Christian Shepherd likes to sit in Jacob's rocking chair.  But, the new questions were plenty.  Whose eye popped up in Jacob's cabin?  Is Charlie somehow alive?  What the hell is going on with Lance Reddick's character?  Why does Hurley think they should go back to the island?  BuddyTV readers reacted in droves to the events of Thursday night, and here we have a handful of their best theories, opinions and insights on “The Beginning of the End.”

murphygoestowork discusses the possibility of the Oceanic 6 not being entirely accurate:

i think the "oceanic six" might still allow many more than you think to get off the island... Think about characters like Kate. We know she is off... but what if part of her deal is that she has a new identity to escape from her former life as a wanted criminal...

leleana explains why she would have gone with Jack instead of Locke:

Although I would've seen the logic in going with Locke, I would've stuck with Jack. I just can't trust Locke 100%, and I certainly trust Jack, even with his mistakes, and more than trust Sayid and Desmond.

Tigerlily419 ponders the members of the Oceanic 6:

My picks for the Oceanic 6: Jack, Kate, Hurley we know. The 4th is Claire... Des saw her get on a helicopter and his visions always come true unless he intervenes. The 5th is Sun... she is pregnant and needs to get off the island or she'll die. I think Kate will turn up pregnant too, and be why she needs to go. The 6th is either Aaron (because Claire wouldn't leave without him) or perhaps the media don't count him since he's an infant, and the 6th is the man in the coffin. If the 6th is Aaron, then the man in the coffin could be Michael. It would make sense that he would change his name to avoid questions about flight 815. It would be SO like Ben to make a deal with Jack to get the pregnant women off the island in exchange for silence about the survivors left behind... and that is just the sort of guilty secret to drive Jack to drink and drugs.

Hexonxonx talks about the motivations of the survivors and whether or not they want ot get off the island:

Wait, how do we know a lot of them don't want to leave the island? Because they went with Locke? I don't think that was the point of their choice. Those people became convinced that the freighter was a threat to their survival. People who stayed with Jack don't think so, or at least think it's worth the risk in case the boat is there to rescue them. Almost everyone wants to leave the island except Danielle, Locke, and possibly Rose (& Bernard). Unless of course that's not what you meant at all. I think that there's a good chance that at least some of the survivors choose not to leave when the time comes, though. But they're not thinking that just yet.

D707baller discusses Jacob's cabin:

I think the writers are just starting to let us know about jacob. When Locke found Hurley he says "what you doing way out here?" I dont think Locke was in the cabin yet, Maybe going out there. I also think this answers the question of why/how Jack wrote a prescripsion for himself last season finale. No body of daddy no prove that he is dead = Valid prescription. Also the season 3 first shot of jacob eyeball is the same left eye we saw last night.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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