Lost: Season 4, Five Months and Counting
Lost: Season 4, Five Months and Counting
The fall television season is rapidly approaching.  The official kick-off is, kind of, tonight when NBC's The Biggest Loser premieres, but the real action starts next week.  It's exciting, gearing up for the new season, but I couldn't help but feel an aching emptiness to the proceedings.  It wasn't major, but I knew something was missing, though I couldn't tell what.  Then, while watching the pilot for the new CBS drama Cane, I saw Nestor Carbonell and realized what it was. 

There's no Lost this fall. 

Nestor Carbonell, of course, plays the mysterious Richard Alpert on Lost.  He's a great actor and is very good on Cane, which is one of the best pilots of the season.  But, with all due respect, it's no Lost.  Nothing is.  For the last two years, even in the midst of the predictable Lost backlash, I argued that Lost might end up being the greatest TV show of all time.  I know that waiting until February and airing 16 straight episodes was the right decision by ABC.  It was a brave and incredible decision, actually,  as was the announcement of a season 6 series end date, but I'm selfish.  I want my Lost

Last season's finale was a cruel way to kick off a nine-month hiatus.  Lost showrunners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof gave fans everywhere a particularly severe case of Lost blue balls that now has become even more devastating.  I've got The Office and Survivor and Heroes and Pushing Daisies to tide me over but, like most Lost fans, these next five months are going to be difficult. 

I talked to my father recently about renting the DVDs of Lost.  He hasn't sen one episode and, while trying to convince him, I became envious.  This is the first time I've ever felt that way when recommending a show or a movie.  I am truly jealous of him, or anyone else, who has yet to discover Lost.  At some point, they will have the opportunity to watch Lost from the beginning.  They get to meet Jack and Locke, discover the hatch, learn about the Dharma Initiative, witness the power of Mr. Eko's whooping stick and be in awe of Ben Linus's complexity.

Five months isn't all that long, right?  We've got resident Lost expert Jon Lachonis here at BuddyTV to tide us over until February and we'll get more information as the premiere date gets closer.  I'm going to stay strong because, well, I have no other choice.  It'll be difficult at times, but we can pull though. 

Hurry up, February.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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