Lost: Season 3 Finale Refresher - Where Are They Now?
Lost: Season 3 Finale Refresher - Where Are They Now?
It seems like every single TV story over this past week has been about Lost.  In my local newspaper (seriously, the newspaper...made out of real paper, not electronic or anything) has been running a series of features about the different characters on Lost, giving fans a primer as they head into tonight's season four premiere.  Well, I'm going to make it a little simpler than that.  If you're like me (which I assume, and hope, you're not) you will not be watching the one hour clip show that airs before Lost tonight.  I've seen every episode of season 3 twice now and don't really need the refresher.  I thought what would be helpful is a simple look at exactly where each of our favorite Lost characters left off in the third season finale. 

Jack: Jack is at the radio tower, the leader of the group, talking to the freighter and awaiting rescue.  He just ended a gun showdown with Locke, who didn't want him to use Naomi's satellite phone.

Locke: After being shot by Ben, he wakes up in a ditch.  Walt appears in front of him and coaxes him to get up.  He meets the group at the radio tower and promptly throws a knife into the back of Naomi.  He points a gun at Jack and tells him not to contact the freighter.  He couldn't bring himself to kill Jack, though.  He has since slunk away from the group.

Naomi: Presumably dead, having gotten a knife in the back courtesy of Locke.

Ben: Ben has been beaten to a bloody pulp by Jack, having warned everyone of the impending doom of the freighter.  He is tied up.

Kate: Kate is up at the radio tower with the group, ecstatic that Sawyer is still alive.

Sawyer, Hurley, Jin, Sayid, Juliet and Bernard: They are all alive, down at the beach, having taken down the Others who had captured Sayid, Jin and Bernard.  Hurley was integral in the rescue, having driven the VW bus through camp – he was then helped by Sawyer and Juliet.  Hurley contacted Jack and told him the good news. 

Alex and Rousseau: They unite, finally, and have a little family reunion with Ben. 

Claire: She has not yet heard about Charlie's fate.

Charlie:  He's dead, having turned off the jamming device in the Looking Glass station.  He is drowned and dead, thanks to a grenade by the assumed-dead Mikhail.  Before he drowned, he wrote a note for Desmond, telling him the freighter was “Not Penny's Boat.” 

Desmond:  He witnessed Charlie briefly contact his former lover Penny as he unjammed the radios.  He is presumably on his way back to the island. 

Flash Forward:

We learned that Jack and Kate made it off the island.  They receive Golden Passes from Oceanic Air and are allowed to travel for free anywhere Oceanic flies.  Jack saves someone from a car crash on a bridge right before he is about to jump off and kill himself.  Jack attends the viewing of a body of someone mysterious.  Whoever was in the casket is unknown, though Kate is indignant about the prospect of her going to see the body.  It is unclear how much into the future this flash forward takes place.  Jack thinks they should go back, that they need to go back.  He is also “tired of lying.”  Kate, in a rendezvous with Jack at the airport, says she has to go back home, that “he” will be wondering where she is. 

Tonight, we'll see where it goes from there.  I think we can assume that the freighter people will be far more sinister then the castaways anticipate.  I'm excited to see all the new cast members show up and wreak some havoc.  Also, the direction that Locke and Ben go from here should be exciting.  I also have a sneaking suspicion that Michael is somewhere on that freighter. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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