'Lost' Season 3 DVD Details Seep Onto the 'Net
'Lost' Season 3 DVD Details Seep Onto the 'Net
With a few months to go before the Lost season 3 box set arrives on US shelves, foreign press sites have begun to publish details on their version of the set, which is hitting retail shelves next month.  The general outlook for Lost fans is good, but will the set necessarily be identical in both markets?   More than likely, it will.  For more details read ahead.

One thing that has changed considerably from a marketing standpoint is the fact that the British set of Lost is being released in its entirety.  Usually the seasons are split into two smaller sets.   During season two, this became slightly problematic since the first set contained some season 2 extras that would only be available on the US set,  forcing some consumers to buy outside of their region just to get an early peek.

Playing multi-region discs isn't as hard as it used to be, but the image quality takes a nose dive when the PAL standard is down sampled to NTSC.  So if your in the US, can't wait a couple of months, and don't mind a screen full of jaggy lines, or having to squint to watch the discs on your PC, you can spend the extra money in shipping and get your set a little early.  Chances are, for many of those reasons, you'll wind up buying the US version anyways.

The main advantage to this early release is information.   Not like Lost fans don't expect the set to be awesome, but early reports from our friends in Europe indicate that the Lost season 3 set is the best in a series of exemplary box sets dedicated to the show.

With Lost's finicky fan base, the pressure to provide meaningful extras is more important than with any other show on television.  Lost fans expect not only some 'memorable' moments,  they want an expansion of the mythology, or at least a serious treatment of it. 

Indications are that the set does not disappoint. Documentaries cover topics ranging from the various books mentioned throughout the series, a tour of the various locations used in the show, behind the scenes on the crafting of the popular Lost figures, and a host of deleted scenes that are more than just fodder for the cutting room floor,  they fill in a lot of blanks as well as expand on what we saw on screen throughout the season.

Of course, none of this is required to keep up with the series, but what self respecting Lost fan could possibly resist.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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